Extreme Ghostbusters (1997)


Genre: Animation , Action , Adventure , Comedy , Family , Fantasy , Horror , Sci-fi

Plot: "Who ya gonna call?" There's been a lull in ghost activity in New York City and the Ghostbusters have long been out of business. Only Egon Spengler and ghostly sidekick Slimer remain. Egon has begun teaching a college paranormal course when ghosts emerge from the New York underground. The torch is thus passed to a new team of Ghostbusters: Roland, Garrett, Eduardo and Kylie. Guided by Egon and with advanced equipment, the Extreme Ghostbusters face off against nastier and meaner ghosts. This show is very loosely based on the previous shows and movies. The only real concept thats stays the same is Slimer, Egon, and the Ghostbusting. Read More



Episode 40: Back in the Saddle (2)
Episode 39: Back in the Saddle (1)
Episode 38: Witchy Woman
Episode 37: The Sphinx
Episode 36: Heart of Darkness
Episode 35: Rage
Episode 34: A Temporary Insanity
Episode 33: Mole People
Episode 32: Dog Days
Episode 31: Ghost in the Machine
Episode 30: Glutton for Punishment
Episode 29: Till Death Do Us Start
Episode 28: Eyes of a Dragon
Episode 27: Fallout
Episode 26: Moby Ghost
Episode 25: In Your Dreams
Episode 24: Grundelesque
Episode 23: Slimer's Sacrifice
Episode 22: The Ghostmakers
Episode 21: The Luck of the Irish
Episode 20: Seeds of Destruction
Episode 19: Bird of Prey
Episode 18: Ghost Apocalyptic Future
Episode 17: Sonic Youth
Episode 16: Dry Spell
Episode 15: The Jersey Devil
Episode 14: Grease
Episode 13: Be Careful What You Wish For
Episode 12: The Pied Piper of Manhattan
Episode 11: The Crawler
Episode 10: The Unseen
Episode 9: Killjoys
Episode 8: Home is Where the Horror Is
Episode 6: Casting the Runes
Episode 5: Deadliners
Episode 4: Fear Itself
Episode 3: The True Face of a Monster
Episode 2: Darkness at Noon (2)