Extreme Engineering (2003)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Each episode of Extreme Engineering discussed some major construction project, some of them are projects that have already been completed like Honk Kong's airport. Others talked abount projects that are currently under construction like Tuneling Under the Alps. And some episodes talked about more futuristic projects that may never be done like the Transatlantic Tunnel. Most episodes finished by examining some sort of disaster scenario which could threaten or ruin the project that was being examined. Read More



Episode 2: Kuala Lumpur Mega Tunnel
Episode 1: Super Stadium
Episode 6: Dubai's Ski Resort
Episode 5: Gotthard Tunnel
Episode 4: Woodrow Wilson Bridge
Episode 3: Hong Kong's Cable Car
Episode 2: The El Cajon Dam
Episode 9: Excavators
Episode 8: Millau Viaduct
Episode 7: Cooper River Bridge
Episode 6: Offshore Oil Platforms
Episode 5: Iceland Tunnels
Episode 4: Oakland Bay Bridge
Episode 3: Container Ships
Episode 2: Venice Flood Gates
Episode 1: Turning Torso
Episode 10: Widening the Panama Canal
Episode 9: Boston's Big Dig
Episode 8: Holland's Barriers to the Sea
Episode 7: Building Hong Kong's Airport
Episode 6: Tunneling Under the Alps
Episode 5: Bridging the Bering Strait
Episode 4: City in a Pyramid
Episode 3: Transatlantic Tunnel
Episode 2: Subways in America
Episode 1: Tokyo's Sky City