Evil Lives Here (2016)


Genre: Documentary , Biography , Crime

Plot: Each hour-long episode of this chilling psychological drama tells the harrowing, firsthand stories of living with a person who became a killer. Viewers will be put in the shoes of the loved one, who lived through this incredible experience —from first noticing that something is amiss, to interpreting all of the puzzling signs and clues, to eventually coming face-to-face with the horrible truth: that the person they loved, the person they trusted, has a very dark side. Read More



Episode 3: Was It Worth Killing For?
Episode 2: He Still Haunts Me
Episode 1: What If He Was Innocent?
Episode 8: They Found Them in Storage
Episode 7: They Found Them In Storage
Episode 6: My Son Broke My Heart
Episode 5: The Prom Night Killer
Episode 4: Momma Made Me Help
Episode 3: I Don’t Believe in Forgiveness
Episode 2: I Didn't Know It Was Blood
Episode 1: I Killed Dirty John
Episode 12: The Werewolf Butcher
Episode 10: He Said There Were More of Them
Episode 9: He Almost Got Away With It
Episode 8: I Should Have Killed Him Myself
Episode 7: You Have to Get Out
Episode 6: I Wished My Son Were Dead
Episode 5: While I Was Gone
Episode 4: My Brother Made History
Episode 2: I Raised a Sociopath
Episode 1: It Was All Judith
Episode 8: My Twisted Sister
Episode 7: I Have to Do the Right Thing
Episode 6: They Let Him Out
Episode 5: He Knew What He Was
Episode 4: Until We Meet Again
Episode 3: Our Secret Identity
Episode 2: The Face of My Torturer
Episode 1: I Tried To Prevent This
Episode 12: He Was a Good Man to Me
Episode 11: Poisoned by Love
Episode 10: One of His Women
Episode 9: I Wish I'd Turned Around
Episode 8: I Hate Being Daddy's Girl
Episode 7: Is This the Night I Die?
Episode 6: I Was His First Victim
Episode 5: He's Still My Son
Episode 4: Under His Thumb
Episode 3: Evil Undercover
Episode 2: Let Her Rot
Episode 1: You Know My Brother's Name
Episode 8: We Looked Happy
Episode 7: The Grim Reaper
Episode 6: Master Manipulator
Episode 5: Something Wasn't Right
Episode 4: Fear Thy Father
Episode 3: The Last Blanco
Episode 2: In the Lion's Cage
Episode 1: I Invited Him In
Episode 12: The Monster Inside Him
Episode 11: Put on a Happy Face
Episode 10: The Demon in His Eyes
Episode 9: Blood Atonement
Episode 8: The Cop and the Killer
Episode 7: The Soap Star's Secret
Episode 6: First Love, Forever Evil
Episode 5: My Son's Prisoner
Episode 4: The Black Widow
Episode 3: Deadly Fetish
Episode 2: The Monster I Married
Episode 1: He Comes to My Dreams
Episode 10: On the Run
Episode 9: Trapped in Hell
Episode 8: Our House of Horrors
Episode 7: My Brother's Secrets
Episode 6: My Secret Nightmare
Episode 5: Son of the Prophet
Episode 4: The Horror I Dont Remember
Episode 3: My Brother, The Devil
Episode 2: She Made Me Do It
Episode 1: Not My Boy
Episode 6: Home Sweet Nightmare
Episode 5: In Love with the Devil
Episode 4: The Prophet
Episode 3: Cheating Death
Episode 2: My Brother's Secret
Episode 1: Something Is Different About Robbie