Ever After High (2013)


Genre: Animation , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Family , Fantasy , Music , Romance

Plot: Welcome to Ever After High, the legendary boarding school where the teenage sons and daughters of famous fairytales learn to relive their parents' classic stories. But you can never judge a book by its cover. While the school Royals embrace their pre-written Happily Ever Afters, some of the other students want to rewrite their destinies. Will these Rebels flip the script? Read More



Episode 4: Crystal Rose
Episode 3: Ice Castle Quest
Episode 2: A Wicked Winter
Episode 1: Snow Day
Episode 4: Piping Hot Beats
Episode 3: A Tale of Two Parties
Episode 2: Wish List
Episode 1: Moonlight Mystery
Episode 4: Chosen with Care
Episode 3: An Hexclusive Invitation
Episode 2: Ashlynn's Fashion Frolic
Episode 1: Ginger in the BreadHOUSE
Episode 4: Stark Raven Mad
Episode 3: Apple's Tale: The Story of a Royal
Episode 2: Raven's Tale: The Story of a Rebel
Episode 1: The World of Ever After High