Esme & Roy (2018)


Genre: Animation , Adventure , Family , Fantasy

Plot: Esme and Roy follows a young girl named Esme and her monster best friend Roy, two pals who share one impressive skill: they're great at taking care of monsters. The two best friends, who are the best monster-sitters in their bustling city of Monsterdale, bring little viewers along on relatable monster adventures, packed with playful learning, humor, heart and musical monster-y fun. Read More



Episode 25: So Long Stuff
Episode 24: An Open Book
Episode 23: Blown Away
Episode 21: Warm And Fuzzy Day
Episode 20: Think Big
Episode 19: Sound Reasoning
Episode 18: Big Brother Snugs
Episode 17: The Princess Of Play Parts 1 And 2
Episode 16: Are We There Yet?
Episode 15: It's in the Bag
Episode 14: The Show Must Go On
Episode 10: Personal Space
Episode 9: The Very Sleepy Tillie
Episode 8: Throw and Tell
Episode 7: The Swoozie News
Episode 6: Don't Bug Me
Episode 5: The Book Bind
Episode 4: A True Monsterpiece
Episode 3: To Cupcake with Love
Episode 2: Baby Hugo
Episode 1: A Dino-Mite Lunch
Episode 26: Block Party
Episode 25: Monster Mash
Episode 24: Training Day
Episode 23: Cloudy Comet Calamity
Episode 22: Tillie's Tough Break
Episode 21: When Figs Fly
Episode 20: Cowgirl Fig
Episode 19: Birds of a Feather
Episode 18: Take a Hike
Episode 17: Simon's Sleepover
Episode 16: Monster’s Little Helper
Episode 15: Sing Out, Roy!
Episode 14: A Way to Play
Episode 13: Game Plan
Episode 12: A New Chapter
Episode 11: Hugo, We Have a Problem
Episode 10: Imitation Frustration
Episode 9: Supermarket Match
Episode 8: The Case of the Missing Cuddles
Episode 7: Gentle, Gentle
Episode 6: The Hugo Express
Episode 5: Noisy Naptime
Episode 4: Two Can Play at That Game
Episode 3: Dark and Stormy Knight
Episode 2: Lunch Crunch
Episode 1: Monster Trucks