Endlings (2020)


Genre: Action , Adventure , Sci-fi

Plot: Set in the near future, Endlings is an action adventure series that tells the story of four foster kids who encounter an alien being that travels the galaxy collecting the last animal of any species before they become extinct. After saving the final elephant, an accident causes the alien ship to crash into the foster kids' farm. Now its up to Johnny, Tabby, Finn and Julia to fix the alien's ship and get it and its invaluable cargo off of Earth before government agents find and capture them all. Read More



Episode 12: One World, One Family
Episode 11: The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning
Episode 10: Fight of Flight
Episode 9: Save Yourself
Episode 8: Unwelcome Home
Episode 7: Found in Translation
Episode 6: Lighting in a Bottle
Episode 5: Sparked
Episode 4: I, Me, We
Episode 3: The Other
Episode 2: What We May Be
Episode 1: Still Hunting
Episode 12: The End Is the Beginning Is the End
Episode 11: Extinction
Episode 10: Invisible
Episode 9: Are You Afraid of the Light?
Episode 8: Found and Lost
Episode 7: Home
Episode 6: Surprise
Episode 5: Curiosity
Episode 4: The Enemy of My Enemy
Episode 3: The Elephant in the Room
Episode 2: The End is the Beginning (Part 2)
Episode 1: The End is the Beginning (Part 1)