Eerie, Indiana (1991)


Genre: Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Family , Fantasy , Horror , Mystery , Sci-fi , Thriller

Plot: When Marshall Teller's (Omri Katz) family moves to the small rural town of Eerie, Indiana (pop. 16,661), he discovers that their new home "is the center of weirdness for the universe." Elvis (Steve Peri) lives there, as do twin brothers (Dan and Don Stanton) who stay young by sleeping in Foreverware. Each episode, Marshall and his friend Simon (Justin Shenkarow) collect evidence of the many creepy things happening in their far-from-ordinary hometown. Read More



Episode 19: The Broken Record
Episode 18: Reality Takes a Holiday
Episode 17: Zombies in P.J.s
Episode 16: The Loyal Order of Corn
Episode 15: No Brain, No Pain
Episode 14: Mr. Chaney
Episode 13: The Hole in the Head Gang
Episode 12: Tornado Days
Episode 11: Marshall's Theory of Believability
Episode 10: The Lost Hour
Episode 9: Who's Who
Episode 8: The Dead Letter
Episode 7: Heart on a Chain
Episode 6: Just Say No Fun
Episode 5: America's Scariest Home Video
Episode 4: The Losers
Episode 3: The ATM with the Heart of Gold
Episode 2: The Retainer
Episode 1: Foreverware