Eagleheart (2011)


Genre: Action , Comedy

Plot: Every episode of Eagleheart promises violence, suspense, intrigue and copious amounts of needless bloodshed as Marshal Chris Monsanto blindly kicks, punches and shoots his way to what may or may not be a legitimate solution to his case. On any given day, Monsanto may battle a pair of evil twin gubernatorial candidates, surgically alter his appearance to investigate a string of elderly kidnappings, track missing mountain lions to the center of the earth, or punch people so hard they explode. Aided by his sidekicks Brett (Brett Gelman, The Other Guys) and Susie (Maria Thayer, Forgetting Sarah Marshall), and under the watchful authority of Chief (Michael Gladis, Mad Men), Chris Monsanto's goal is always the same: to overcome the obstacle that was presented in the beginning of the episode. Read More



Episode 10: Honch
Episode 9: Gribbs
Episode 8: Spats
Episode 7: Quint
Episode 6: Joe
Episode 5: America
Episode 4: Grandy
Episode 3: Bowsley
Episode 2: Whitley
Episode 1: Moss
Episode 12: A Mug of Chili and a Bowl of Death
Episode 11: Danger: Mountain Lions
Episode 10: Once in a Wattle
Episode 9: The Human Bat
Episode 8: Susie's Song
Episode 7: Chris, Susie, Brett, and Malice
Episode 6: Double Your Displeasure
Episode 5: Death Punch
Episode 4: Me Llamo Justice
Episode 3: Master of Da'Skies
Episode 2: Creeps
Episode 1: Get Worse Soon