Drop The Dead Donkey (1990)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Drop the Dead Donkey is a situation comedy that first aired on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom between 1990 and 1998. It is set in the offices of “GlobeLink News”, a fictional TV news company. Recorded close to transmission, it made use of contemporary news events to give the programme a greater sense of realism. It was created by Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin. The series had an ensemble cast, making stars of Haydn Gwynne, Stephen Tompkinson and Neil Pearson. The series began with the acquisition of GlobeLink by media mogul Sir Roysten Merchant, an allusion to either Robert Maxwell or Rupert Murdoch. Indeed, Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin note on their DVDs that it was fortunate for their libel lawyers that the two men shared the same initials. The series is mostly based on the on-going battle between the staff of GlobeLink, led by editor George Dent, as they try to maintain the company as a serious news organisation, and Sir Roysten’s right-hand man Gus Hedges, trying to make the show more sensationalist and suppress stories that might harm Sir Roysten’s business empire. The show was awarded the Best Comedy Award at the 1994 BAFTA Awards. At the British Comedy Awards the show won Best New TV Comedy in 1990, Best Channel 4 Comedy in 1991, and Best Channel 4 Sitcom in 1994. Read More



Episode 7: The Final Chapter
Episode 6: A Bit of an Atmosphere
Episode 5: George Finds Love
Episode 4: But Is it Art?
Episode 3: The Diaries
Episode 2: Beasts, Badgers and Bombshells
Episode 1: The Newsmakers
Episode 12: Sex 'n' Death
Episode 11: The Graveyard Shift
Episode 10: Luck
Episode 9: Dave and Diana
Episode 8: Henry's Diary
Episode 7: Charnley in Love
Episode 6: George's Car
Episode 5: The Path of True Love
Episode 4: What Are Friends For
Episode 3: The Bird of Doom
Episode 2: The Godless Society
Episode 1: Inside the Asylum
Episode 12: Damien and the Weather Girl
Episode 11: The Wedding
Episode 10: The Strike
Episode 9: Henry's Autobiography
Episode 8: No More Mr Nice Guy
Episode 7: Crime Time
Episode 6: Sally in T.V. Times
Episode 5: Helen's Parents
Episode 4: Births and Deaths
Episode 3: The Day of The Mum
Episode 2: Quality Time
Episode 1: The Undiscovered Country
Episode 11: Awards
Episode 10: George and His Daughter
Episode 9: Paintball
Episode 8: Joy
Episode 7: The New Newsreader
Episode 6: Lady Merchant
Episode 5: Sally's Libel
Episode 4: Helen'll Fix It
Episode 3: Henry's Lost Love
Episode 2: Sally's Accountant
Episode 1: In Place of Alex
Episode 13: The Christmas Party
Episode 12: Dave's Day
Episode 11: George's Daughter
Episode 10: The Evangelist
Episode 9: Damien Down and Out
Episode 8: Don't Mention the Arabs
Episode 7: Hoax
Episode 6: Alex and the Interpreter
Episode 5: Drunk Minister
Episode 4: Baseball
Episode 3: Henry and Dido
Episode 2: The Trevorman Cometh
Episode 1: The Gulf Report
Episode 10: The Big Day
Episode 9: Death, Disaster 'n' Damien
Episode 8: The Root of All Evil
Episode 7: The New Approach
Episode 6: Sex, Lies and Audiotape
Episode 5: Old Father Time
Episode 4: A Blast from the Past
Episode 3: A Clash of Interests
Episode 2: Sally's Arrival
Episode 1: A New Dawn