Dream Corp LLC (2016)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: An absurd workplace comedy set in a neglected dream therapy facility where a rotating cast of desperate patients have their dreams recorded and analyzed by Dream Corp's absent-minded professor, Dr. Roberts and his team of unremarkable scientists. Read More



Episode 8: Randay
Episode 7: Clone Disposal
Episode 6: Where Are They Now?
Episode 5: Virgil Bottoms
Episode 4: Fear of Heights
Episode 3: Tricky Ricky
Episode 2: Monkey Man
Episode 1: Comin' In Hot
Episode 14: The Krux
Episode 13: What Happens in Randy, Stays in Randy
Episode 12: Can't Touch This
Episode 11: Dust Bunnies
Episode 10: Pickle Trip
Episode 9: Staff Infection
Episode 8: 88's Weekly
Episode 7: Guys and Dads
Episode 6: Wild Bill
Episode 5: Woomba
Episode 4: Amnesia
Episode 3: Accordian Jim
Episode 2: The Bullied
Episode 1: Deep Impact
Episode 6: The Leak
Episode 5: You Down with OCD?
Episode 4: Tijuana Zebra
Episode 3: The Predator
Episode 2: The Smoking Nun
Episode 1: Episode One