Drak Pack (1980)


Genre: Animation , Adventure , Comedy , Crime , Family , Fantasy , Horror

Plot: 1980's CBS cartoon series, Drak Pack, showed the adventures of "Drak Jr." (Dracula's nephew), Howler and Frankie (the teenage descendants of The Werewolf and Frankenstein's monster) as they teamed up to fight the forces of evil. In this case, "evil" was O.G.R.E., the Organization for Generally Rotten Endeavours, led by Dr. Dred and his henchmen Toad, Mummy-Man, The Fly, and Vampira. The voice cast starred Alan Oppenheimer ("Skeletor" of He-Man) as uncle Count Dracula, Jerry Dexter ("Alan" of Josie and the Pussycats) as Drak Jr., Bill Callaway ("Aquaman" of Super Friends) as Howler and Frankie, Hans Conried (narrator of many Dr. Seuss specials) as Dr. Dred, Don Messick ("Scooby" on Scooby-Doo) as Toad and The Fly, Chuck McCann ("Ben/The Thing" on Fantastic Four) as Mummy-Man and Julie McWhirter (the voice of the animated Jeannie) as Vampira. Read More



Episode 16: It's in the Bag, Dr. Dred
Episode 15: International Graffiti
Episode 14: Grimmest Book of Records
Episode 13: Package Deal
Episode 12: A Dire Day at Dredfulland
Episode 11: Dr. Dred Is a Shrinker
Episode 10: Dred's Photo Finish
Episode 9: Dred Goes Hollywood
Episode 8: Hideout Hotel
Episode 7: Time Out for Dr. Dred
Episode 6: Night of the Terbites
Episode 5: Perilous Plunder of Pirate's Park
Episode 4: Dredful Weather We're Having
Episode 3: Happy Birthday, Dr. Dred
Episode 2: Mind Your Manners, Dr. Dred
Episode 1: Color Me Dredful