Dr. Pimple Popper: Before the Pop (2020)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Dr. Sandra Lee comes to the rescue by taking virtual appointments with patients who can’t visit her office in-person. She reviews the cases via telemedicine and offers help to people with some of the most extreme skin conditions viewers have ever seen, many which have been festering and worsening during the pandemic. And, while a big part of an in-person visit with Dr. Lee features her rolling, squeezing, pinching and touching patients’ skin tissue, in this series patients must take matters into their own hands, quite literally! Viewers will watch as patients take Dr. Lee’s careful direction and do some gentle poking and prodding themselves during their video appointments. After virtually connecting, Dr. Lee will give patients the answer they long to hear: whether or not she can help them and take them on as a patient in the future. Read More



Episode 10: 100 Lumps and Counting
Episode 9: Twin Peaks
Episode 8: Itchy, Itchy, Ya-Ya, Da-Da
Episode 7: Split Decisions
Episode 6: The Enormous Nose Nodules
Episode 5: Lump Overboard
Episode 4: A Nightmare on Skin Street
Episode 3: Mystery Blisters: Diagnosis Unknown
Episode 2: A Growth to Remember
Episode 1: Video Chat, Pop, Splat!