Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist (1995)


Genre: Animation , Comedy

Plot: Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist is an American animated series that originally ran on Comedy Central from May 28, 1995 to December 24, 1999—with a final set of three shelved episodes airing in 2002—starring Jonathan Katz, Jon Benjamin, and Laura Silverman. The show was created by a Burbank, California production company Popular Arts Entertainment, with Jonathan Katz and Tom Snyder, developed and first made by Popular Arts for HBO Downtown Productions. Boston-based Tom Snyder Productions became the hands-on production company, and the episodes were usually produced by Katz and Loren Bouchard. The show was computer animated in a crude, easily recognizable style produced with the software Squigglevision in which all persons and animate objects are colored and have constantly squiggling outlines, while most other inanimate objects are static and usually gray in color. The original challenge Popular Arts faced was how to repurpose recorded stand-up comedy material. To do so they based Dr. Katz's patients on stand-up comics for the first several episodes, simply having them recite their stand-up acts. The secondary challenge was how to affordably animate on cable TV at the time. Snyder had Squigglevision, an inexpensive means of getting animation on cable, which could not afford traditional animation processes. A partnership between Popular Arts, Tom Snyder Productions and Jonathan Katz was formed and Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist was born. Read More



Episode 18: Lerapy
Episode 17: Uncle Nothing
Episode 16: Bakery Ben
Episode 15: Expert Witness
Episode 14: Radio Katz
Episode 13: You're Belinda
Episode 12: Vow of Silence
Episode 11: Big TV
Episode 10: Garden
Episode 9: Snow Day
Episode 8: Ball and Chain
Episode 7: Used Car
Episode 6: Walk for Hunger
Episode 5: Ben's Partay
Episode 4: Past Lives
Episode 3: Wisdom Teeth
Episode 2: Pullman Square
Episode 1: Sissy Boy
Episode 18: Thanksgiving
Episode 17: Ping-Pong
Episode 16: Community Theater
Episode 15: Anniversary
Episode 14: Waltz
Episode 13: Paranoia
Episode 12: Alderman
Episode 11: Feng Shui
Episode 10: London Broil
Episode 9: Miles Away
Episode 8: Babysitting Ben
Episode 7: Chain Letter
Episode 6: Phone Luv
Episode 5: Ticket
Episode 4: Movies
Episode 3: Metaphors
Episode 2: Fanny Pack
Episode 1: Old Man
Episode 13: Undercover Ben
Episode 12: Ben-Centennial
Episode 11: Alibi
Episode 10: Chopper
Episode 9: Wild Weekend
Episode 8: Closets
Episode 7: Mask
Episode 6: Sharon Meyers
Episode 5: Trash Day
Episode 4: Broadcast Ben
Episode 3: Electric Bike
Episode 2: Memoirs
Episode 1: Ben Treats
Episode 13: Reunion
Episode 12: New Phone System
Episode 11: Big Fat Slug
Episode 10: L'il Helper
Episode 9: Mourning Person
Episode 8: Studio Guy
Episode 7: Day Planner
Episode 6: Guess Who
Episode 5: Koppleman and Katz
Episode 4: Earring
Episode 3: Fructose
Episode 2: Blind Date
Episode 1: Monte Carlo
Episode 13: ESP
Episode 12: Henna
Episode 11: Theory of Intelligence
Episode 10: A Journey for the Betterment of People
Episode 9: The Particle Board
Episode 8: It Takes Some Getting Used To
Episode 7: Sticky Notes
Episode 6: Drinky the Drunk Guy
Episode 5: Bees and SIDS
Episode 4: Office Management
Episode 3: Glasses
Episode 2: Real Estate
Episode 1: Bystander Ben
Episode 6: Family Car
Episode 5: Everybody's Got a Tushy
Episode 4: Cholesterol
Episode 3: Bully
Episode 2: Pretzelkins
Episode 1: Pot-Bellied Pigs