Don't Be Tardy (2012)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: It's only been a year since Kim Zolciak's million dollar wedding to the Atlanta Falcons Defensive End Kroy Biermann, but a lot has changed in the newlyweds' life. This season, their family grows even bigger with the addition of a fourth child while Kroy and his team are enjoying an extremely successful football season with the hopes of making it to the Super Bowl. Read More



Episode 12: A Trip to Remember
Episode 11: The End of the Road
Episode 10: Nirvana, Nevada
Episode 9: One Way Ticket To Quitsville
Episode 8: Crystals, Caves, and Kim
Episode 7: Dude, Where's the Dudes?
Episode 6: Stuck in Middle America
Episode 5: From Branson to Breakdown
Episode 4: A Country Ghost Town Jamboree
Episode 3: Stuck in the Mud With You
Episode 2: Bugs, Boots, and Bombshells
Episode 1: A Very Biermann Road Trip
Episode 11: Performance Anxiety
Episode 10: Kim Over Troubled Water
Episode 9: Get Off My Wig
Episode 8: Brielle Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Episode 7: Lordy Lordy, Kimmie's 40
Episode 6: Oh Brother!
Episode 5: Mother Trucker
Episode 4: But First Coffee
Episode 3: Loaded Statement
Episode 2: A Rose Among Thorns
Episode 1: Prom and Circumstance
Episode 12: I Do Take Two
Episode 11: Beach Please
Episode 10: Sinn, You've Been Gone
Episode 9: Meet the Parents
Episode 8: The Incident
Episode 7: One Door Closes, Another One Opens
Episode 6: Brielle Throws a Curveball
Episode 5: How to Baseball
Episode 4: Wigs, Lies, and Videotape
Episode 3: Pigeons, Piazzas, Proposal
Episode 2: Mi Chiamo Kim
Episode 1: Bongiorno Biermanns
Episode 12: Life Goes On
Episode 11: Launch Party
Episode 10: The Biermann Olympics
Episode 9: Middle Child Syndrome
Episode 8: Lights, Camera, Action
Episode 7: Hollywood or Bust
Episode 6: Ask, Believe, Receive, Gamble
Episode 5: Home On The Range Part 2
Episode 4: Home On The Range Part 1
Episode 3: Animal House
Episode 2: Free Ballin'
Episode 1: Eggs on Ice
Episode 12: Empty Nest?
Episode 11: Hello Hollywood
Episode 10: A Big Splash
Episode 9: Moving On, Moving Out
Episode 8: That's Not Healthy
Episode 7: The Biermann Carnival
Episode 6: The Kim's Speech
Episode 5: Kim's Roots
Episode 4: The Love Gurus
Episode 3: Destin-ation Unknown
Episode 2: 18 and Out
Episode 1: On The Move
Episode 13: Security Cam Sessions
Episode 12: Off the Bench
Episode 11: Kimmie's Back
Episode 10: Future Shock
Episode 9: Campfire Confessions
Episode 8: Outward Bound
Episode 7: I Need a Man
Episode 5: Spring Break Forever, Biermanns
Episode 4: Destination Destin
Episode 3: Making the Cut
Episode 2: Crowd Control
Episode 1: The Biermann Bunch
Episode 12: The Bierman Bunch
Episode 11: Bittersweet 16
Episode 10: IUADD
Episode 9: Jingle Bells, This Tree Smells...
Episode 8: Don't Double Dip
Episode 7: If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother
Episode 6: Frozen Turkey
Episode 5: Offensive Play
Episode 4: The Blonde Side
Episode 3: Plan-Iversary
Episode 2: Parent Trapped
Episode 1: Busting Out All Over
Episode 8: Our Wedding Goes to 11...11...
Episode 7: One Wig Left to Go
Episode 6: Maid of Dishonor
Episode 5: Port-A-Pology
Episode 4: At the Fifty Yard Line
Episode 3: The Biermanns are Coming!
Episode 2: How to Dress a Bride in 6 Weeks
Episode 1: 2 Months to the Altar