Dog's Most Wanted (2019)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Supported by a ferocious team of hunters called "The Dirty Dozen," Duane "Dog" Chapman and the late Beth Chapman go on a cross-country manhunt to track down a carefully curated list of Dog's Most Wanted fugitives. In their personal lives, the series tackles the family's most difficult fight as their beloved matriarch Beth Chapman bravely fights – and tragically loses – her battle with cancer. Read More



Episode 10: Farewell to a Queen
Episode 9: Beth's Final Hunt (2)
Episode 8: Beth's Final Hunt (1)
Episode 7: Mardi Gras Manhunt
Episode 6: Saving Jamie
Episode 5: Parent "Hood"
Episode 4: A Huntsville Hunt
Episode 3: Alabama Sweep
Episode 2: Chasing Willie Boy
Episode 1: Like Father, Like Son