Dogfights (2006)


Genre: Documentary , History , War

Plot: Dogfights is a military aviation themed TV series depicting historical re-enactments of air-to-air combat that took place in World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, as well as smaller conflicts such as the Gulf War and the Six-Day War. The program, which airs on the History Channel, consists of former fighter pilots sharing their stories of actual dogfights in which they took part, and uses computer-generated imagery to give the viewer a better perspective of what it is like to partake in aerial combat The series premiered on November 3, 2006. Read More



Episode 11: Hunt for the Bismarck
Episode 10: Dogfights of the Middle East
Episode 9: Long Odds
Episode 8: Death of the Japanese Navy
Episode 7: The Last Gunfighter
Episode 6: The Zero Killer
Episode 5: Hell over Hanoi
Episode 4: Guadalcanal
Episode 3: Flying Tigers
Episode 2: Air Ambush
Episode 1: MiG Alley