Disasters at Sea (2018)


Genre: History

Plot: Disasters at Sea is a documentary series about the most mysterious and unexpected marine disasters in recent history, recreated through the visceral first-hand accounts of seamen and women on their worst day, and for some, their finest hour. Grounded in fact, each episode unfolds as a mystery, providing a suspenseful journey into the little known world of life at sea, and a tribute to the working men and women who sacrificed their lives for it all. A Northwest Pacific typhoon that sunk a cargo ship and launched a twenty-year investigation. An icy fight for survival on an Antarctic cruise. A simple turn that inexplicably capsized a cargo ship in Norway. Shipwrecks of massive scale and significance have rocked the world, perplexed investigators, and changed the shipping industry. Revisit and reexamine some of the most mysterious and harrowing sea disasters of the last 50 years. Read More



Episode 6: Towed Under
Episode 5: Capsized
Episode 4: Destination Unknown
Episode 3: Fire in the Hold
Episode 2: Ignition Point
Episode 1: Snapped in Two
Episode 6: Death On The Staten Island Ferry
Episode 5: The Sinking of the Lady Mary
Episode 4: The Arctic Rose Mystery
Episode 2: Fire Fight
Episode 1: Storm Watch
Episode 6: Torn Apart
Episode 5: Shipwrecked In Alaska
Episode 4: The Ice Ship
Episode 3: Four Minutes To Survive
Episode 2: Deadly Neglect
Episode 1: Trapped In Typhoon Alley