Dirt Every Day (2013)


Genre: Sport

Plot: Finally, a show for all you dirt heads out there! Petersen's 4-Wheel & Off-Road Technical Editor Fred Williams introduces the new Dirt Every Day show with a brief overview of what it's all about and where it's headed. Check back in every other Thursday as Fred continues his crusade against asphalt. Read More



Episode 13: Return of the Red Rubicon Chevy
Episode 12: The Jeep-Truck-Thing Adventure
Episode 11: Ultimate Avalanche Returns for Colorado Rock Crawling
Episode 10: Red Wagon Adventure
Episode 9: The Drag-Kota Sand Truck
Episode 8: The Crusher-250 Goes Snow Crawling!
Episode 7: Choose Your Own Dirt Adventure
Episode 6: Trail-Built Truck (Built on the Trail!)
Episode 5: Indonesian Adventure
Episode 4: Dave’s Second Surprise Build: the Ranchota
Episode 3: Return of the Dirt Cars!
Episode 2: Humvee Rehash Version Two
Episode 1: Backyard Bronco Rescue
Episode 13: The New Jeep Gladia-Tow Adventure
Episode 12: Little Red Rockcrawler
Episode 11: Tube Sock The Floating Jeep
Episode 9: Dunkin’ Dodge
Episode 8: Mom's Sand Wagon
Episode 7: We Engine-Swap the Off-Roaderhome
Episode 6: Adventures in Mowverlanding
Episode 5: Cheap Jeep Challenge
Episode 4: Ice Racing Minivan
Episode 3: Jeep Build-off: Dirt Heads Vs. Dul-Burger
Episode 2: Dave’s Surprise Build! (Off-road Pacer)
Episode 1: Clampy Returns: 1,400-mile Adventure in a Toyota Rockcrawler
Episode 13: Junkyard Jeep Gets 40s and Tons
Episode 12: $3k in 3 Days to Go Four-wheeling
Episode 11: Stock Trucks Vs. The Rubicon Trail
Episode 10: Return of the Rock Viper
Episode 9: Backward Farm Truck Rescue
Episode 8: Roadtrippin’ a Race Truck
Episode 7: Woodchuck the Scratch-built Wood Truck
Episode 6: Supercharged Snowmobile Truck
Episode 5: Junkyard Dune Machines: Radillac Vs. Rescue Ranger
Episode 4: First Jeep JL Wrangler on 42-inch Tires!
Episode 3: We Build a 4x4 Winnebago Off-Roaderhome
Episode 2: Florida Mud Life on Tractor Tires
Episode 1: V-10 Budget Rock Bouncer Build, the Rock Viper
Episode 12: UTV Fishing Trip to New Mexico
Episode 11: Unimog Road Trip to Memphis
Episode 10: How to Build a 4x4 in 48 Hours
Episode 9: Converting a Two-Wheel-Drive RAV4 to a Four-Wheel-Drive RAD4!
Episode 8: Racing a Groovy ’70s Van in the Gambler 500
Episode 7: Army Surplus Humvee Built to Rockcrawl—Awesome or Awful?
Episode 6: How to Swap a Barn-Find Willys Jeep Wagon Onto a Wrangler YJ Chassis
Episode 5: Racing the Iconic Mint 400 in a Toyota Tacoma!
Episode 4: Building a Toyota Tacoma Desert Racer for the Mint 400
Episode 3: Overlanding Minibike Mayhem
Episode 2: Junkyard Jeepin
Episode 1: Snow Racing an Avalanche
Episode 14: Episode 14
Episode 13: Episode 13
Episode 12: Urban Wheeling at the Toledo Jeep Factory
Episode 11: Baja Surf and Turf Adventure in the New Toyota Tacoma!
Episode 10: Diesel Jeeps vs. Gas Jeeps: From Underwater to in-the-Dirt
Episode 9: Alaskan Army Truck Adventure
Episode 8: Twin-Engine Off Road Cadillac Eldorado 4X4!
Episode 7: Cheap Truck Challenge 2016: Budget Battle of the Beaters
Episode 6: Diesel Jeep Underwater!
Episode 5: Bend to the Beach in a Buggy
Episode 4: Ford F354 Monster Truck vs. Johnson Valley Rocks
Episode 3: Building and Beating the PreRangerRoverLandeRunner
Episode 2: Washington Wagoneer Rescue
Episode 1: Ranch Racing! 1967 Ford PreRunner vs 1989 Volkswagen Van!
Episode 13: Mud Slinging Hawaiian 4x4 Vacation with Tube Sock the Jeep
Episode 12: Mad Maxxis Off-Road Runner: 4x4 Muscle Car Desert Chase
Episode 11: All-New Jeep Renegade Conquers Black Bear Pass!
Episode 10: 2015 Cheap Truck Challenge: Willys vs Power Wagon vs Sportage vs CJ5!
Episode 9: Ultimate Summer Camp Supercharged Jeep CJ Build!
Episode 8: Plymouth Road Runner Diesel Swap & 4x4 Conversion!
Episode 7: Mini Truck Mayhem! Return of the Dirtheads
Episode 6: Border to Border! 3500 Epic Miles in a Toyota TRD Pro
Episode 5: Surplus Army Truck Adventure!
Episode 4: The Greatest Jeep Adventure Ever! Mark Smith & The Darian Gap
Episode 3: Moab Jeep Axle Adventure!
Episode 2: 1961 Willys Wagon Barn Find Fix-up!
Episode 1: 1986 Chevy Alabama Army Truck: Transmission & Brake Upgrades!
Episode 12: Ballistic Bronco Machine Gun Install on a 1970 Ford Bronco!
Episode 11: 1990 Dodge Diesel The Ultimate Adventure Tug Truck!
Episode 10: Driveway Rescue of a 1950 Jeep CJ-3A!
Episode 9: 2014 Cheap Truck Challenge! 93' S10 vs 95' Grand Cherokee vs 75' International
Episode 8: Cheap Truck Challenge Build with a '93 Chevy S10!
Episode 7: Southern Adventure with Mom in a Diesel Jeep JK!
Episode 6: Mayhem to Moab! Jeep TJ Build & Rock Crawl Adventure
Episode 5: Motorhome Mashup Part 2: Monster Go-Kart Challenge!
Episode 4: Motorhome Mashup Part 1: Building a Monster Go-Kart from a 1986 Pace Arrow!
Episode 3: 2014 GMC Sierra: Travels with Batman, Baxter, and Lulu the Dogs!
Episode 2: 1978 Ranch Jeep Adventure: From Texas to Pie Town!
Episode 1: 1978 Texas Ranch Jeep Rescue!
Episode 12: Volkswagen Baja Bugs! Starting an Off-Road Club with the Iconic Beetles
Episode 11: Clampy the Rock Crawling 1986 Toyota Pickup!
Episode 10: Desert Racing in a Rented Off-Road Race Buggy!
Episode 9: 1946 Willys Jeep vs John Deere Gator!
Episode 8: 2013 Ford F-250 Project Truck: The Ultimate Super Dirty!
Episode 7: Off-Road Camper Wars! Ford 4x4 Sportsmobile vs Pace Arrow RV
Episode 6: Part 4: Alabama Army Truck - Mud Boggin!
Episode 5: Part 3: Alabama Army Truck - Supercharged Power On The Way!
Episode 4: Part 2: Alabama Army Truck - Big Tires & Big Lift Kits!
Episode 3: Part 1: Alabama Army Truck - Getting It Runnin'!
Episode 2: Farming with a 1951 Willys CJ-3A and 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited!
Episode 1: 1929 Ford Model-A Off-Road Racer!
Episode 23: Episode 23
Episode 22: Episode 22
Episode 21: Episode 21
Episode 20: Episode 20
Episode 19: Episode 19
Episode 18: Episode 18
Episode 17: Episode 17
Episode 16: Episode 16
Episode 15: Episode 15
Episode 14: Episode 14
Episode 13: Episode 13
Episode 12: Episode 12
Episode 11: Taking a Military Fire Truck Off Road!
Episode 10: From Sky to Shining Sea! Road Trippin a 1965 Dodge M37!
Episode 9: Rock Crawling Jeeps Run the Moab Midnight Mustache Ride!
Episode 8: Driveway DIY! Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Lift-Kit Install
Episode 7: 2013 Cheap Truck Challenge! '93 Landcruiser vs '78 F-150 vs '89 Cherokee
Episode 6: Modifying the 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser! Cheap Truck Challenge Part 2
Episode 5: Breaking in the 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser! Cheap Truck Challenge Part 1
Episode 4: Meeting a 4x4 Legend: The Ugly Jeep
Episode 3: Gettin' Dirty at 2013 King of the Hammers!
Episode 2: Desert Proofing the Ford Raptor!
Episode 1: What is Dirt Every Day?