Dinosaur Train (2009)


Genre: Animation , Family

Plot: Join Buddy, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and his adoptive Pteranodon family on a whimsical voyage through prehistoric jungles, swamps, volcanoes and oceans, as they unearth basic concepts in life science, natural history and paleontology. Read More



Episode 15: Spooky Tree
Episode 13: Crystal and King Benefit Concert (1)
Episode 11: Junior Conductors Academy (1)
Episode 9: Where Have All the Lizards Gone?
Episode 7: Stop and Smell the Flowers
Episode 5: Nest Swap
Episode 1: Trains, Submarines and Zeppelins (1)
Episode 25: Zeppelin: Pangaea
Episode 23: Zeppelin: Waterfalls
Episode 21: Best-Ever Babysitter
Episode 19: Tiny's Fishing Friend
Episode 17: One Big Frog
Episode 15: Rocket Train Surprise Party
Episode 13: Solar Train
Episode 11: Classic in the Jurassic: Ultimate Face-off
Episode 9: Classic in the Jurassic: Air, Water, and Land
Episode 7: Classic in the Jurassic: Air Obstacle Race
Episode 5: Classic in the Jurassic: Turtle and Theropod Race
Episode 3: Adventure Camp: Ziplining
Episode 1: Adventure Camp: Rafting
Episode 1: Valley of the Stygimolochs