dinnerladies (1998)


Plot: Comedy about the staff of a northern English factory. Bren (Victoria Wood), a kindly woman, tries to help everyone with their problems, while attempting to ignore her drunken mother who lives in a fantasy world where she hobnobs with the rich and famous. Her boss Tony (Andrew Dunn) likes to make out that he's an ultra-laddish sexist pervert, although it's all just a cover for being too shy to ask Bren out. The older members of the team, Dolly (Thelma Barlow) and Jean (Anne Reid), live only for the not-so-subtle bitching war they have with each other. Dolly is preoccupied with her weight, and Jean's fed up with her husband. Meanwhile, Twinkle (Maxine Peake), described sarcastically by Tony as "The Pixie With The Laughing Face" is always in a foul mood, and Anita (Shobna Gulati) simply hasn't a clue. Add in Stan (Duncan Preston) the handyman, who busies himself with "toaster emergencies" and "canine faces alerts" and Philippa (Celia Imrie), the neurotic human resources officer, and it's an unusual day when "any blooming work" gets done. Read More



Episode 10: Toast
Episode 9: Gravy
Episode 8: Christine
Episode 7: Minnellium
Episode 6: Christmas
Episode 5: Gamble
Episode 4: Fog
Episode 3: Holidays
Episode 2: Trouble
Episode 1: Catering
Episode 6: Nightshift
Episode 5: Party
Episode 4: Moods
Episode 3: Scandal
Episode 2: Royals
Episode 1: Monday