Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (2006)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Host Guy Fieri travels across America in search of the best diners, drive-ins and dives. He visits classic "greasy spoon" restaurants and talks to staff and customers about the food. Episodes often feature eateries linked by a common theme, such as burgers or comfort food. Read More

Next Episode 39x3 Date: Apr 16th



Episode 2: Takeout: Comin' From All Over The Map
Episode 1: Triple D Nation: From Italy to Africa
Episode 13: Triple D Nation: Snacks, Apps and Twisted Mac
Episode 12: Takeout: Carnivore Delivery
Episode 11: Triple D Nation: BBQ, Pubs and Local Grub
Episode 10: Takeout: Goin' Big and Bringin' Home
Episode 9: Alaskan Adventure
Episode 8: Triple D Nation: California Comfort
Episode 7: Rib-Stickers
Episode 6: Triple D Nation: Authentic International Eats
Episode 5: Savory Meat and a Little Sweet
Episode 4: Triple D Nation: Hearty Helpings
Episode 3: Triple D Nation: From Sausage to Saltfish
Episode 2: Spicin' Things Up
Episode 1: South Dakota Smorgasbord
Episode 12: America's Favorites: Global Greats
Episode 11: America's Favorites: Top-Notch Tastes
Episode 10: America's Favorites: Fantastic Flavortown Finds
Episode 9: America's Favorites: Cross-Country Culinary Cred
Episode 8: Pierogis, Pork and Pizza
Episode 7: Chicken and Briskets
Episode 6: Triple D Nation: Diners, Drive-Ins and Delis
Episode 5: From Authentic to Inventive
Episode 4: Triple D Nation: Farm-to-Table Fresh
Episode 3: From Vikings to Wings
Episode 2: Triple D Nation: From Pork to Po' Boys
Episode 1: Triple D Nation: Finger Lickin' Chicken
Episode 11: Spinning the Globe
Episode 10: Beef Bonanza
Episode 9: Triple D Nation: Flavortown Favorites
Episode 8: International Infusion
Episode 7: Crazy Chicken and Twisted Burgers
Episode 6: Triple D Nation: Guy's Going Home
Episode 5: Standout Seafood
Episode 4: British, Hawaiian and Mexican
Episode 3: Triple D Nation: From Pork to Pot Pie
Episode 2: Sausage, Shawarma and Scaloppini
Episode 1: A World of Barbecue
Episode 13: Flavortown International
Episode 12: Sicilian and Seafood
Episode 10: From Beef to Bao
Episode 9: Down-Home Flavor
Episode 8: Mom and Dad
Episode 7: Triple D Nation: Chili Three Ways
Episode 6: Not Your Everyday Eats
Episode 5: Burger and Breakfast
Episode 4: Triple D Nation: Pancakes, Potatoes and Pizza
Episode 3: Coming Together In Cali
Episode 2: Belly, Beef and Bratwurst
Episode 1: Triple D Nation: Beef, Barbeque and Bar Food
Episode 19: Cruisin' Capital Cities
Episode 18: Northern Southern
Episode 17: Eating Alaska
Episode 16: Unique Eats
Episode 15: Bagels, Biscuit and Boar
Episode 14: Pizza Plus
Episode 13: Far-Flung Flavor
Episode 12: Full of Surprises
Episode 11: Loaded, Stuffed and Fried
Episode 10: From Australian to Asian
Episode 9: Spinning the Globe
Episode 8: Mega Meat and Sweet Treats
Episode 7: Triple D Nation: A Taste of Italy
Episode 6: Triple D Nation: Where's the Beef?
Episode 5: Southern to South America
Episode 4: Eating Up New Orleans
Episode 3: Sandwich Showcase
Episode 2: Whole Lotta Comfort
Episode 1: 'Round the World Roundup
Episode 20: Triple D Nation: Steak, Sausage and Salami
Episode 19: Handy Helpings
Episode 18: Triple D Nation: International Affair
Episode 17: Triple D Nation: From the Sea
Episode 16: Cultural Twist
Episode 15: Piling On the Pork
Episode 14: Triple D Nation: Fried and Smoked
Episode 13: Regional Recipes
Episode 12: Triple D Nation: Stuffed Stuff
Episode 11: From Sandwiches to Stroganoff
Episode 10: Burgers, Bacon and BBQ
Episode 9: Triple D Nation: From Brisket to Bison
Episode 8: Meaty Mashup
Episode 7: Triple D Nation: Between the Bread
Episode 6: From Big Burgers to Little Italy
Episode 5: Pretzels, Pork and Pimento Cheese
Episode 4: Triple D Nation: Wings 'n' Things
Episode 3: Triple D Nation: Around the World
Episode 2: Sandwiches, Southern and South of the Border
Episode 1: From Pork to Pasta
Episode 19: Playin' Chicken
Episode 18: Italian, Hawaiian and Colombian
Episode 17: East Coast, West Coast
Episode 16: BBQ Bites and Southern Flavor
Episode 15: Primetime Pork
Episode 14: Grab and Grub
Episode 12: All-American All-Stars
Episode 11: Pizza, Pork and Peru
Episode 10: Lights-Out Latin
Episode 9: West Coast Cookin'
Episode 8: International Intrigue
Episode 7: Rollin' in the Dough
Episode 6: Pub Grub
Episode 5: All Kinds of Comfort
Episode 4: Bird and Beef
Episode 3: By Land and Sea
Episode 2: Delicious Discoveries
Episode 1: Mom's Kitchen
Episode 10: From Pied to Fried
Episode 9: Old Faces, New Places
Episode 8: Amazing Asian
Episode 7: A Passport of Flavor
Episode 6: Ocean Coasts and Great Lakes
Episode 5: Mex to the Max
Episode 4: Fun in the Sun
Episode 3: Barbecue, Batter and Beer Can Chicken
Episode 2: Flavor Adventure
Episode 1: Sandwiches, Spaetzle and Sticky Wings
Episode 14: Chicken Trifecta
Episode 13: Burgers, Beef and Barbecue
Episode 12: Turkey, Taters and Dogs
Episode 11: Multicultural Cooking
Episode 10: Wonder Women
Episode 9: Goin' International
Episode 8: From North to South America
Episode 7: Not Your Typical Joints
Episode 6: Kickin' It in Cancun
Episode 5: Beef, Lamb and Pig
Episode 4: Swiss, Sandwiches and Sausage
Episode 3: Mega Mouthfuls
Episode 2: A Sampling of Spain
Episode 1: Belly Up to Barcelona
Episode 11: Turkey-giving
Episode 10: From Port to Port
Episode 9: Big Food, Small Towns
Episode 6: Sausage, Seafood and Shawarma
Episode 4: Chew and Brew
Episode 5: Homeland Favorites
Episode 12: Righteous Bites
Episode 11: Grillin', Chillin' and Huli Huli Chicken
Episode 10: Island Flavor
Episode 8: Cross Country Comfort Food
Episode 7: From Meatballs to Lollipops
Episode 5: Dynamite Duos
Episode 3: Big Time Bites
Episode 2: All Things New York
Episode 1: Guy's Hometown Tour
Episode 2: Chicken, Chili and Chowder
Episode 12: Dynamic Dishes
Episode 8: All Vegas, All the Time