Diff'rent Strokes (1978)


Plot: Phillip Drummond, a widowed Manhattan millionaire and president of the mega-firm Trans Allied Inc., adopts two African American orphans from Harlem, 8-year-old Arnold and 12-year-old Willis. Drummond had made a promise to their dying mother, his housekeeper, that he would care for the boys after she passes away; their father had died years earlier. The boys, whom Drummond always introduced as his two sons, went from rags to riches literally overnight. At first, Willis was rather skeptical of their newfound wealth, but eventually, both he and Arnold felt right at home in their newfound surroundings. Also part of the family were Drummond's beautiful daughter, 13-year-old Kimberly; and his no-nonsense housekeeper, Edna Garrett. As the years passed, Mrs. Garrett left to become housemother at the Eastland School for Girls; she was replaced by the cantankerous Adelaide Brubaker and still later, charming Pearl Gallagher. Arnold's friends, Dudley and Robbie (and later, Charlie); Willis' girlfriend, Charlene; cast members from "The Facts of Life"; and Drummond's sister, Sophia, were frequently seen. In early 1984, Drummond found true love, marrying fitness instructor Maggie McKinney; she had a 6-year-old son, Sam. While most series revolved around the typical lessons of growing up, some were quite serious (including a frightening encounter with a child molester and a memorable episode dealing with drug abuse guest starring First Lady Nancy Reagan). Read More



Episode 19: The Front Page
Episode 18: The Photo Club
Episode 17: The Big Bribe
Episode 16: Lifestyles of the Poor and Unknown
Episode 15: Arnold's Tangled Web
Episode 14: Sam's Big Brother
Episode 13: Bulimia
Episode 12: Arnold's Initiation
Episode 11: It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To
Episode 10: Arnold's Bad Rep
Episode 9: Speak No Evil
Episode 8: So You Want to Be a Rock Star
Episode 7: A Tale of Two Teachers
Episode 6: Arnold's Job
Episode 5: Willis Goes to College
Episode 4: Love on the Run
Episode 3: Bully for Arnold
Episode 2: Sam's Missing (2)
Episode 1: Sam's Missing (1)
Episode 24: A Special Friend
Episode 23: Street Smarts
Episode 22: Blue Collar Drummond
Episode 21: Beauty is in the Eye of Arnold
Episode 20: A Camping We Will Go
Episode 19: Cheers to Arnold
Episode 18: Russian Embassy
Episode 17: Sam's New Pal
Episode 16: Harry Birthday Drummond
Episode 15: Sam Adopts a Grandparent
Episode 14: Arnold Saves the Squirrel
Episode 13: Baseball Blues
Episode 12: Arnold's Songbird
Episode 11: Tonsils
Episode 10: The Gymnasts
Episode 9: The Honorable Arnold J. Jackson
Episode 8: Arnold the Entrepreneur
Episode 7: Carmella Meets the Gooch
Episode 6: Sam's Father
Episode 5: Arnold's Strike
Episode 4: Undercover Lover
Episode 3: Bed-Wetting
Episode 2: Arnold and Lisa's Mother
Episode 1: A Haunting We Will Go
Episode 24: The Boyfriend
Episode 23: The Houseguest
Episode 22: Kathy's Olympics
Episode 21: The Bar Mitzvah Boy
Episode 20: The Honeymoon's Over
Episode 19: The Wedding (2)
Episode 18: The Wedding (1)
Episode 17: Hooray for Hollywood (2)
Episode 16: Hooray for Hollywood (1)
Episode 15: The Hitchhikers (2) (a.k.a.) Hitchhiking (2)
Episode 14: The Hitchhikers (1) (a.k.a.) Hitchhiking (1)
Episode 13: Drummond's Lady
Episode 12: Where There's Smoke
Episode 11: The Senior Class Queen
Episode 10: Mrs. Z
Episode 9: Assert Yourself
Episode 8: Coming of Age
Episode 7: The Moonlighter
Episode 6: The Van Drummonds
Episode 5: Drafted
Episode 4: The Lie
Episode 3: Rashomon II
Episode 2: The Goat
Episode 1: Mr. T.... and Mr. T
Episode 24: My Fair Larry (a.k.a.) My Fair Lady
Episode 23: Romeo and Juliet
Episode 22: The Reporter
Episode 21: Roommates
Episode 20: The Cricket
Episode 19: Hall Monitor
Episode 18: Family on Ice
Episode 17: The Bicycle Man (2)
Episode 16: The Bicycle Man (1)
Episode 15: Independent Woman
Episode 14: Parents Have Rights, Too
Episode 13: A Growing Problem
Episode 12: Santa's Helper
Episode 11: The Executives
Episode 10: Push Comes to Shove
Episode 9: Memories
Episode 8: A Case of Overexposure (a.k.a.) Overexposure
Episode 7: The Older Woman
Episode 6: Substitute Teacher
Episode 5: The Peacemaker
Episode 4: Big Brother
Episode 3: Cyrano De Jackson
Episode 2: In the Swim
Episode 1: Shoot-Out at the O.K. Arcade
Episode 23: Stress? What Stress?
Episode 22: Lifesavers
Episode 21: Have I Got a Girl for You
Episode 20: Green Hair
Episode 19: B.M.O.C.
Episode 18: Crime Story (Part 2) (a.k.a.) Crime in the Schools
Episode 17: Crime Story (Part 1) (a.k.a.) Crime in the Schools
Episode 16: The Car
Episode 15: The Squatter
Episode 14: Fire
Episode 13: Kathy
Episode 12: Dreams
Episode 11: Jilted
Episode 10: Hello, Daddy
Episode 9: Burial Ground
Episode 8: Health Club
Episode 7: The Ski Weekend
Episode 6: Double Date (a.k.a.) Blind Date
Episode 5: The Big Heist
Episode 4: The Team
Episode 3: The Model
Episode 2: First Day Blues
Episode 1: Growing Up
Episode 22: The Athlete
Episode 21: Room for One More
Episode 20: Almost American
Episode 19: The Ancestors
Episode 18: Drummond's Fair Lady
Episode 17: The Magician (a.k.a.) It's Magic
Episode 16: Where There's Hope
Episode 15: The Older Man
Episode 14: The Bus
Episode 13: Junk Food Junkie (a.k.a.) Junk Food
Episode 12: Roots
Episode 11: The Loan
Episode 10: Count Your Blessings
Episode 9: First Love
Episode 8: Football Father
Episode 7: Little Mother
Episode 6: The Accident (2)
Episode 5: The Accident (1)
Episode 4: Substitute Mother
Episode 3: Small Claims Court
Episode 2: The Bank Job (2)
Episode 1: The Bank Job (1)
Episode 24: The Slumber Party
Episode 23: Teacher's Pet
Episode 22: Skin Deep or True Blue (a.k.a.) Guess Who?
Episode 21: Valentine's Day Retrospective (a.k.a.) Valentine's Vigil
Episode 19: Big Business
Episode 18: Poor Drummond
Episode 17: Friendly-Mate
Episode 16: The Election
Episode 15: The Dog Story (a.k.a.) A Dog Story
Episode 14: Hot Watch
Episode 13: The Rivals
Episode 12: Thanksgiving Crossover (2)
Episode 11: Thanksgiving Crossover (1)
Episode 10: Father and Son Day
Episode 9: The Adoption (2)
Episode 8: The Adoption (1)
Episode 7: Arnold's Hero (a.k.a.) The Hero
Episode 6: Birds and Bees
Episode 5: Mrs. Garrett's Romance
Episode 4: Feudin' and Fussin' (2)
Episode 3: Feudin' and Fussin' (1)
Episode 2: Arnold's Girlfriend (2)
Episode 1: Arnold's Girlfriend (1)
Episode 24: The Girls School (a.k.a.) Garrett's Girls
Episode 23: Willis' Birthday
Episode 22: Getting Involved
Episode 21: The Trip (2)
Episode 20: The Trip (1)
Episode 19: The Job (a.k.a.) Willis' Job
Episode 18: Mrs. Garrett's Crisis
Episode 17: Willis' Privacy
Episode 16: The New Landlord
Episode 15: The Tutor
Episode 14: The Relative
Episode 13: No Time for Arnold
Episode 12: The Woman
Episode 11: The Club Meeting
Episode 10: The Fight
Episode 9: Retrospective (2)
Episode 8: Retrospective (1)
Episode 7: The Trial
Episode 6: Goodbye Dolly
Episode 5: The Spanking
Episode 4: Prep School
Episode 3: Mother's Last Visit
Episode 2: The Social Worker
Episode 1: Movin' In