Dickinson (2019)


Genre: Biography , Comedy , Drama , Romance

Plot: A highly fictionalized and stylized version of the real life aspiring writer Emily Dickinson is brought to life with modern sense and sensibility. Embarrassed by her own parents and shunned from society, Dickinson will stop at nothing to rebel against her strict background and make her voice heard through the magic of poetry. Read More

Next Episode 3x3 Date: Nov 5th



Episode 10: You Cannot Put a Fire Out
Episode 9: I Like a Look of Agony
Episode 8: I'm Nobody! Who Are You?
Episode 7: Forever—Is Composed of Nows
Episode 6: Split the Lark
Episode 5: Forbidden Fruit a Flavor Has
Episode 4: The Daisy Follows Soft the Sun
Episode 3: The Only Ghost I Ever Saw
Episode 2: Fame Is a Fickle Food
Episode 1: Before I Got My Eye Put Out
Episode 10: I Felt a Funeral, in My Brain
Episode 9: 'Faith' Is a Fine Invention
Episode 8: There's a Certain Slant of Light
Episode 7: We Lose—Because We Win
Episode 6: A Brief, but Patient Illness
Episode 5: I Am Afraid to Own a Body
Episode 4: Alone, I Cannot Be
Episode 3: Wild Nights
Episode 2: I Have Never Seen 'Volcanoes'
Episode 1: Because I Could Not Stop