Devious Maids (2013)


Plot: The series centers on four Latina maids working in the homes of Beverly Hills’ wealthiest and most powerful families, and a newcomer who made it personal after a maid was murdered and determined to uncover the truth behind her demise, and in the process become an ally in their lives. Read More



Episode 10: Grime and Punishment
Episode 9: Much Ado About Buffing
Episode 8: I Saw The Shine
Episode 7: Blood, Sweat, and Smears
Episode 6: The Maid Who Knew Too Much
Episode 5: A Time to Spill
Episode 4: Sweeping with the Enemy
Episode 3: War and Grease
Episode 2: Another One Wipes the Dust
Episode 1: Once More Unto the Bleach
Episode 13: Anatomy of a Murder
Episode 12: Suspicion
Episode 11: Terms of Endearment
Episode 10: Whiplash
Episode 9: Bad Girl
Episode 8: Cries and Whispers
Episode 7: The Turning Point
Episode 6: She Done Him Wrong
Episode 5: The Talk of the Town
Episode 4: Since You Went Away
Episode 3: The Awful Truth
Episode 2: From Here to Eternity
Episode 1: Awakenings
Episode 13: Look Back in Anger
Episode 12: Proof
Episode 11: You Can't Take It With You
Episode 10: Long Day's Journey Into Night
Episode 9: The Visit
Episode 8: Night, Mother
Episode 7: Betrayal
Episode 6: Private Lives
Episode 5: The Bad Seed
Episode 4: Crimes of the Heart
Episode 3: Dangerous Liaisons
Episode 2: The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
Episode 1: An Ideal Husband
Episode 13: Totally Clean
Episode 12: Getting Out the Blood
Episode 11: Cleaning Out the Closet
Episode 10: Hanging the Drapes
Episode 9: Scrambling the Eggs
Episode 8: Minding the Baby
Episode 7: Taking a Message
Episode 6: Walking the Dog
Episode 5: Taking Out the Trash
Episode 4: Making Your Bed
Episode 3: Wiping Away the Past
Episode 2: Setting the Table
Episode 1: Pilot