departures. (2008)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Aimed at the adventure seeker, Departures is an action-packed and personal journey about two travelers. Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach leave their lives behind in search of unique experiences through some of the most beautiful and remote places on earth. From epic landscapes and unforgettable culture, to the often trying times that come with international travel, the series chronicles the unforgettable friendships, personal successes and sometimes crushing disappointments that befall them on their journey. Accompanied by their friend and cameraman, Andre Dupuis, Departures showcases the revelations of two travelers who strive to find themselves and new perspectives while trekking across the globe. Departures is as much about the journey as it is the destination. No prizes, no contests, just real life and real travel. Read More



Episode 16: Australia
Episode 15: Indonesia: A Home Away
Episode 14: Indonesia: Ring of Fire
Episode 13: North Korea: The Musical
Episode 12: North Korea: The Other Side
Episode 11: Greenland
Episode 10: Rwanda
Episode 9: Ethiopia: Dances with Bulls
Episode 8: Ethiopia: Saints and Snakes
Episode 7: Ecuador
Episode 6: Papua New Guinea: Without a Paddle
Episode 5: Papua New Guinea: Fire and Water
Episode 4: Vietnam
Episode 3: Sri Lanka
Episode 2: Russia: The Bull of Winter
Episode 1: Russia: Comrades and Capitals
Episode 13: Antarctica
Episode 12: Chile: Ends of the Earth
Episode 11: Chile: Ups and Downs
Episode 10: Madagascar
Episode 9: Zambia
Episode 8: Iceland
Episode 7: Mongolia: Meals and Wheels
Episode 6: Mongolia: Tribes and Tribulations
Episode 5: Cuba
Episode 4: Brazil: Treading Water
Episode 3: Brazil: Piranha Soup
Episode 2: Libya
Episode 1: Morocco
Episode 13: Canada: Pushing North
Episode 12: Cambodia
Episode 11: Thailand
Episode 10: New Zealand: Adrenaline
Episode 9: New Zealand: Untouched
Episode 8: Cook Islands
Episode 7: Japan: The Past
Episode 6: Japan: The Future
Episode 5: Ascension Island
Episode 4: India: Quest for the Himalayas
Episode 3: India: Sacred Ground
Episode 2: Jordan
Episode 1: Canada: Ocean to Ocean