Dead Silent (2016)


Genre: Documentary , Crime

Plot: A snap of a twig. A rustling leaf. In the woods, myth, urban legend, and horror collide with real-life killers. Transporting viewers into a vortex of dark mystery and psychological terror, each episode tells the true story of a crime set in a desolate location. Read More



Episode 12: The Sinner and The Saint
Episode 11: His Blue Light
Episode 10: The Model Home Murders
Episode 9: The Bodies in the Bunker
Episode 8: Three Miles on Castle Rock Road
Episode 7: All the Lights Were On
Episode 6: Open 24 Hours
Episode 5: The Torture Chamber
Episode 4: The Red River
Episode 3: The Girl on the Billboard
Episode 2: The Creek Bottom
Episode 1: Quiet the Dogs
Episode 6: When a Stranger Knocks
Episode 5: Taken for a Ride
Episode 4: Get Out
Episode 3: Savage Country
Episode 2: Out in the Sticks
Episode 1: Picture of Evil
Episode 6: Secrets of the Santa Cruz Mountains
Episode 5: A History of Violence
Episode 4: Fatal Friendship
Episode 3: Strange Passenger
Episode 2: Run for Your Life
Episode 1: Till Death Do Us Part
Episode 6: The Desert Drifter
Episode 5: A Killer in the Swamp
Episode 4: Madness on the Lake
Episode 3: The Stranger on the Hill
Episode 2: Welcome to the Devil House
Episode 1: The Curse of Dismal Creek