Day 5 (2016)


Genre: Adventure , Drama , Horror , Mystery , Sci-fi , Thriller

Plot: A fatal sleep epidemic has wiped out most of the human race, After a fortuitous drug bender saves his life, addict Jake ventures out into the quiet streets...unaware that most of the world has already died in their beds. Now, battling sleepless fatigue and encroaching delirium, Jake teams with a scrappy teenager, overnight doctor and red-eye pilot to search for answers, and just maybe find a way to sleep again. Set in a world of insomniacs, late-shift workers and roving psychotics, the survivors must fight to stay awake in a post-apocalyptic world of survival and redemption. Read More



Episode 8: Dawn
Episode 7: Apnea
Episode 6: Parasomnia
Episode 5: Sleepwalkers
Episode 4: Circadian Rhythms
Episode 3: Lucid
Episode 2: Oasis
Episode 1: Manifest Destiny
Episode 6: Wide Awake
Episode 5: Beacons in the Dark
Episode 4: Sweet Dreams
Episode 3: Night Terrors
Episode 2: Cognitive Dissonance
Episode 1: Waking Nightmare