Curious George (2006)


Genre: Animation , Short , Adventure , Comedy , Family

Plot: Curious George is an animated television series based on the Curious George children's book series, which features Jeff Bennett as the voice of The Man with the Yellow Hat. Frank Welker, who voiced George in the 2006 feature film, returns here as the voice of Curious George. The show is currently broadcast on PBS Kids. The series illustrates and explains various concepts in math and science and each live-action segment shows schoolchildren engaging in experiments that teach the math or science concept featured in the previous cartoon. Read More



Episode 6: Monkey Mystery Gift
Episode 5: George's Photo Finish
Episode 4: Curious George and the Balloon Hound
Episode 3: Monkey Goes Batty
Episode 2: Double-O Monkey Tracks Trouble
Episode 1: Submonkey
Episode 6: Curious George, Hog Trainer
Episode 5: George's Backwards Flight Plan
Episode 4: Curious George Clowns Around
Episode 3: Monkey Hoedown
Episode 2: George and Allie's Game Plan
Episode 1: Toy Monkey
Episode 6: Curious George Gets Winded
Episode 5: Hundley Jr.
Episode 4: Sir George and the Dragon
Episode 3: We Otter Be Friends
Episode 2: Bright Lights, Little Monkey
Episode 1: Monkey Down Under
Episode 10: The Great Monkey Detective
Episode 9: Hamster Cam
Episode 8: Shutter Monkey
Episode 7: George and the Giant Thumb
Episode 6: Sock Monkey Opera
Episode 5: Auctioneer George
Episode 4: Train of Light
Episode 3: George Buys a Kite
Episode 2: Curious George Sounds Off
Episode 1: School of Dance
Episode 20: Jungle Gym
Episode 19: Mother's Day Surprise
Episode 18: Windmill Monkey
Episode 17: Follow That Boat
Episode 16: Meet the New Neighbors
Episode 15: Go West, Young Monkey
Episode 14: Monkey On Ice
Episode 13: George's Home Run
Episode 12: Curious George, Sheep Herder
Episode 11: George-O-Matic
Episode 10: Metal Detective
Episode 9: Monkey Size Me
Episode 8: Book Monkey
Episode 7: Downhill Racer
Episode 6: Well Done, George
Episode 5: George's Super Subway Adventure
Episode 4: One in a Million Chameleon
Episode 3: Trader George
Episode 2: A Monkey's Duckling
Episode 1: George and Marco Sound It Out
Episode 18: Cooking with Monkey
Episode 17: Movie House Monkey
Episode 16: Something New Under the Sun
Episode 15: George Measures Up
Episode 14: The Box and the Hound
Episode 13: Relax!
Episode 12: Charkie Goes to School
Episode 11: Guest Monkey
Episode 10: Little Fish, Littler Pond
Episode 9: The Inside Story
Episode 8: The Big Picture
Episode 7: Juicy George
Episode 6: Hundley's Great Escape
Episode 5: George Meets Allie-Whoops
Episode 4: George Cleans Up
Episode 3: Gnocchi the Critic
Episode 2: Sprout Outing
Episode 1: Curious George Personal Trainer
Episode 11: Man with the Monkey Hands
Episode 10: The Color of Monkey
Episode 9: Amazing Maze Race
Episode 8: What Goes Up
Episode 7: Mulch Ado About Nothing
Episode 6: Curious George-asaurus
Episode 5: For the Birds
Episode 4: Snow Use
Episode 3: Curious George Meets The Press
Episode 2: The Perfect Carrot
Episode 1: Ice Station Monkey
Episode 20: Curious George Takes A Hike
Episode 19: Curious George Plumber's Helper
Episode 18: The Magic Garden
Episode 17: Monkey Stagehand
Episode 16: Bag Monkey
Episode 15: Free Hundley
Episode 14: Special Delivery Monkey
Episode 13: Color Me Monkey
Episode 12: Signs Up
Episode 11: All-New Hundley
Episode 10: PiƱata Vision
Episode 9: Grease Monkeys in Space
Episode 8: Gutter Monkey
Episode 7: Curious George Gets All Keyed Up
Episode 6: Curious George and the Trash
Episode 5: Up A Tree
Episode 4: Cat Mother
Episode 3: Monkey Underground
Episode 2: Skunked
Episode 1: Up, Up and Away
Episode 30: Curious George's Low High Score
Episode 29: Curious George and the Dam Builders
Episode 28: Curious George, Station Master
Episode 27: Curious George's Rocket Ride
Episode 26: Charkie Escapes
Episode 25: Zoo Night
Episode 24: Curious George the Architect
Episode 23: Doctor Monkey
Episode 22: Animal Magnetism
Episode 21: Water to Ducks
Episode 20: Curious George Finds His Way
Episode 19: Curious George Discovers the 'Poles
Episode 18: Squirrel For a Day
Episode 17: Curious George, Dog Counter
Episode 16: Curious George, A Peeling Monkey
Episode 15: Curious George and the Invisible Sound
Episode 14: Curious George Goes Up the River
Episode 13: Curious George, Door Monkey
Episode 12: Curious George Takes Another Job
Episode 11: Curious George Takes a Job
Episode 10: Curious George's Bunny Hunt
Episode 9: Curious George On Time
Episode 8: Roller Monkey
Episode 7: Buoy Wonder
Episode 6: Curious George, Stain Remover
Episode 5: Zeroes to Donuts
Episode 4: Out of Order
Episode 3: Curious George's Home for Pigeons
Episode 2: From Scratch
Episode 1: Curious George Flies A Kite