Crossing Swords (2020)


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Fantasy

Plot: Goodhearted hero wannabe Patrick lands his dream job as a squire, only to learn the royal castle is a corrupt hornet’s nest of horny monarchs, crooks and charlatans. War, murder, full frontal nudity—who knew brightly colored peg people led such exciting lives? Read More

Next Episode 2x3 Date: Dec 10th



Episode 10: Unchained Monarchy
Episode 9: The A-Moooo-Zing Race
Episode 8: The Snow Job
Episode 7: Look Who’s Stalking
Episode 6: My Super Sweet Period Party
Episode 5: Let Them Eat Clown
Episode 4: In the Line of Squire
Episode 3: What’s Kraken?
Episode 2: Hot Tub Death Machine
Episode 1: Pilot