Crossing Jordan (2001)


Plot: Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh is a forensic pathologist who lost her job with the Boston medical examiner's office because her passion for solving homicides frequently extended beyond the autopsy table. Years later, an old ally rescues Jordan from court-ordered anger management training in Los Angeles and rehires her to her former job in Boston. Jordan is still feisty and mercurial and a pain in the butt, but management tolerates her because she is good at her job. She and her father, a disgraced former Boston police detective, often solve crimes together by using a role-playing game they've played since Jordan's childhood. It goes: "You be the killer, and I'll be the victim, and we'll figure out how this happened." The driving force in Jordan's life and career is the crime she took the longest time to solve -- her mother's murder. Read More



Episode 17: Crash
Episode 16: D.O.A.
Episode 15: Get Over It
Episode 14: In Sickness & In Health
Episode 13: Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc
Episode 12: Sleeping Beauty
Episode 11: Faith
Episode 10: Fall from Grace
Episode 9: Seven Feet Under
Episode 8: Isolation
Episode 7: Hubris
Episode 6: Night of the Living Dead
Episode 5: Mr. Little and Mr. Big
Episode 4: Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Episode 3: 33 Bullets
Episode 2: Shattered
Episode 1: Retribution
Episode 21: Don't Leave Me This Way
Episode 20: Mace vs. Scalpel
Episode 19: Mysterious Ways
Episode 18: Thin Ice
Episode 17: Save Me
Episode 16: Someone to Watch Over Me
Episode 15: Blame Game
Episode 14: Death Toll
Episode 13: Dreamland
Episode 12: Code of Ethics
Episode 11: The Elephant in the Room
Episode 10: Loves Me Not
Episode 9: Death Goes On
Episode 8: A Man in Blue
Episode 7: Road Kill
Episode 6: Total Recall
Episode 5: Enlightenment
Episode 4: Judgement Day
Episode 3: Under The Weather
Episode 2: Luck Be a Lady (1)
Episode 1: There's No Place Like Home II
Episode 21: Jump Push Fall
Episode 20: Forget Me Not
Episode 19: Embraceable You
Episode 18: Sanctuary
Episode 17: Locard's Exchange
Episode 16: Skin and Bone
Episode 15: It Happened One Night
Episode 14: Gray Murders
Episode 13: You Really Got Me
Episode 12: Family Affair
Episode 11: Murder in the Rue Morgue
Episode 10: A Stranger Among Us
Episode 9: Necessary Risks
Episode 8: Fire from the Sky
Episode 7: What Happens in Vegas Dies in Boston (1)
Episode 6: Blue Moon
Episode 5: Justice Delayed
Episode 4: Deja Past
Episode 3: Intruded
Episode 2: Out of Sight
Episode 1: After Dark
Episode 13: Oh, Brother Where Art Thou (3)
Episode 12: Dead in the Water
Episode 11: He Said, She Said
Episode 10: Revealed
Episode 9: All the News Fit to Print
Episode 8: Most Likely
Episode 7: Missing Pieces
Episode 6: Second Chances
Episode 5: Dead or Alive
Episode 4: Is That Plutonium in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?
Episode 3: 'Til Death Do Us Part
Episode 2: Slam Dunk
Episode 1: Devil May Care
Episode 22: Pandora's Trunk (2)
Episode 21: Pandora's Trunk (1)
Episode 20: Sunset Division
Episode 19: Dead Wives' Club
Episode 18: Fire and Ice
Episode 17: Cruel and Unusual
Episode 16: Conspiracy
Episode 15: John Doe
Episode 14: Wild Card
Episode 13: Strangled
Episode 12: Perfect Storm
Episode 11: Family Ties
Episode 10: Ockham's Razor
Episode 9: Prisoner Exchange
Episode 8: Don't Look Back
Episode 7: Scared Straight
Episode 6: One Twelve
Episode 5: As if by Fate
Episode 4: Payback
Episode 3: The Truth is Out There
Episode 2: Bombs Away
Episode 1: There's No Place Like Home
Episode 23: Secrets & Lies (2)
Episode 22: Secrets & Lies (1)
Episode 21: Someone to Count On
Episode 20: The Gift of Life
Episode 19: For Harry, with Love and Squalor
Episode 18: With Honor
Episode 17: Crime & Punishment
Episode 16: Lost and Found
Episode 15: Acts of Mercy
Episode 14: Four Fathers
Episode 13: Miracles & Wonders
Episode 12: Blood Relatives
Episode 11: Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Episode 10: Blue Christmas
Episode 9: Digger (2)
Episode 8: Digger (1)
Episode 7: Sight Unseen
Episode 6: Believers
Episode 5: You Can't Go Home Again
Episode 4: Born to Run
Episode 3: The Ties That Bind
Episode 2: The Dawn of a New Day
Episode 1: Pilot