Crime Story (1986)


Genre: Crime , Drama , Mystery

Plot: Chicago, 1963. As head of the police department's Major Crime Unit, Lieutenant Michael Torello must deal with the city's most dangerous criminals. And possibly the most dangerous of all is Ray Luca, a young ambitious street hood who's out to gain wealth and power by whatever means - including theft, threats, extortion and murder. As Luca begins his ruthless climb up the ladder of organized crime, leaving a growing number of victims in his wake, Torello becomes more and more determined to bring him down. Read More



Episode 22: Going Home (3)
Episode 21: Escape (2)
Episode 20: Pursuit (1)
Episode 19: The Hearings
Episode 18: Byline
Episode 17: The Brothel Wars (aka Desert Justice)
Episode 16: Roadrunner
Episode 15: Pauli Taglia's Dream
Episode 14: Last Rites
Episode 13: Protected Witness
Episode 12: Femme Fatale
Episode 11: Seize the Time
Episode 10: Moulin Rouge
Episode 9: MIG-21
Episode 8: Love Hurts
Episode 7: Little Girl Lost
Episode 6: Robbery, Armed
Episode 5: Shockwaves
Episode 4: Atomic Fallout
Episode 3: Always a Blonde
Episode 2: Blast from the Past
Episode 1: The Senator, the Movie Star and the Mob
Episode 22: Ground Zero
Episode 21: Top of the World (aka The King in a Cage)
Episode 20: The Pinnacle
Episode 19: The Survivor
Episode 18: The Battle of Las Vegas
Episode 17: The Kingdom of Money
Episode 16: Torello on Trial
Episode 15: Fatal Crossroads (aka Fortune in Men's Eyes)
Episode 14: Strange Bedfellows
Episode 13: Hide and Go Thief
Episode 12: Crime Pays
Episode 11: For Love or Money
Episode 10: Justice Hits the Skids
Episode 9: Old Friends, Dead Ends
Episode 8: Pursuit of a Wanted Felon
Episode 7: Abrams for the Defense
Episode 6: The War
Episode 5: St. Louis Book of Blues
Episode 4: Shadow Dancer
Episode 3: Final Transmission
Episode 1: Pilot (1)