Creature Comforts (2003)


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Family

Plot: Stop-motion animated series with a cast of animals, sound-biting on a specific topic each episode, such as creatures' sporting adventures, Christmas, and visits to veterinarians. The show satirizes modern man on the street and documentary interviews, responding to unseen questioners. The voices of the characters, such as recurring dog and cat duo Trixie and Captain Cuddlepuss, are supplied by everyday people speaking varied regional accents, credited as The Great British Public. The creatures are portrayed in their own habitats. Creature Comforts was originally a short film, then a series of highly popular commercials, later a U.S. series. Read More



Episode 12: Communication
Episode 11: Self Image
Episode 10: Bed Time
Episode 9: Merry Christmas Everybody!
Episode 8: Animal Magnetism
Episode 7: Monarchy Business
Episode 6: Sport!
Episode 5: Animals in the 'Hood
Episode 4: Impressions
Episode 3: Pet Hates
Episode 2: The Brood
Episode 1: Beast in Show
Episode 13: Merry Christmas
Episode 12: Cats or Dogs?
Episode 11: Is Anyone Out There?
Episode 10: Being a Bird
Episode 9: What's It All About, Then?
Episode 8: Pet Shop
Episode 7: The Beach
Episode 6: Feeding Time
Episode 5: The Garden
Episode 4: The Sea
Episode 3: Working Animals
Episode 2: Pets at the Vets
Episode 1: The Circus