Crash & Bernstein (2012)


Genre: Comedy , Family

Plot: Wyatt Bernstein is a typical boy who enjoys hanging out at the local arcade with his friend Pesto. In a household full of females, Wyatt desperately wishes for a brother he could do fun guy stuff with and who would provide him much needed male reinforcement at home. When he is reluctantly taken to a Build-A-Bestie store by his family for his birthday, he creates a boy-filled version of a Bestie. Wyatt's dream finally comes true when his creation, Crash, comes to life. Together, the new brothers help each other navigate life's experiences - Crash helps Wyatt come out of his shell and Wyatt introduces Crash to life as a kid. Although they sometimes have their differences, like true brothers, they always have each others back. Read More



Episode 13: Double Header
Episode 12: Flushed in Space
Episode 11: Monkey Business
Episode 10: Escape from Bigfoot Island
Episode 9: Duck, Duck, Crash
Episode 8: Merry Crashenfest
Episode 7: Like Father, Like Purple
Episode 6: Action Zero
Episode 5: Frat Chance
Episode 4: Trash & Bernstein
Episode 3: Crash Is Having a Baby
Episode 2: Health-o-ween
Episode 1: The Nosejob Job
Episode 25: Crash on the Run, Part 1
Episode 24: Crash the Man
Episode 23: Crash Asks Too Many Questions
Episode 22: Monster Crash
Episode 21: Crashy McSmartypants
Episode 20: Parade Crasher
Episode 19: Comic Book Crash
Episode 18: Crashlemania
Episode 17: Crashus Maximus
Episode 16: Crash vs. Flex
Episode 15: Crash Jacked
Episode 14: Crashtagion
Episode 13: Cold Hard Crash
Episode 12: Release The Crashen
Episode 11: Shorty Crash
Episode 10: Crash Crush
Episode 9: System Crash
Episode 8: Undercover Crash
Episode 7: Motorcycle Crash
Episode 6: Home Alone... With Crash
Episode 5: Party Crasher
Episode 4: Educating Crash
Episode 3: Coach Crash
Episode 2: Scaredy Crash
Episode 1: Crash Lands