Craig of the Creek (2018)


Genre: Animation , Short , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Family

Plot: Craig and his friends, Kelsey and JP, venture out into a kid-controlled wilderness in the creek. Read More



Episode 24: Fan or Foe
Episode 18: Snow Day
Episode 14: King of Camping
Episode 13: Creature Feature
Episode 12: Afterschool Snackdown
Episode 11: Fall Anthology
Episode 10: Trick or Creek
Episode 9: The Last Game of Summer
Episode 8: Pencil Break Mania
Episode 7: The Ice Pop Trio
Episode 6: Plush Kingdom
Episode 5: Craig of the Beach
Episode 4: The Bike Thief
Episode 3: Council of the Creek: Operation Hive-Mind
Episode 2: The Ground is Lava!
Episode 1: The Other Side: The Tournament
Episode 38: The Jinxening
Episode 37: Beyond the Rapids
Episode 36: The Time Capsule
Episode 35: Into the Overpast
Episode 34: Ferret Quest
Episode 33: Jessica Shorts
Episode 32: The Children of the Dog
Episode 31: In the Key of the Creek
Episode 30: The End Was Here
Episode 29: Kelsey the Worthy
Episode 28: Crisis at Elder Rock
Episode 27: Trading Day
Episode 26: Secret in a Bottle
Episode 25: Mortimor to the Rescue
Episode 24: Ancients of the Creek
Episode 23: The Cardboard Identity
Episode 22: Tea Timer's Ball
Episode 21: Sleepover at JP's
Episode 20: Sugar Smugglers
Episode 17: The Haunted Dollhouse
Episode 16: The Evolution of Craig
Episode 15: Stink Bomb
Episode 14: Camper on the Run
Episode 13: Cousin of the Creek
Episode 12: Sparkle Cadet
Episode 11: Council of the Creek
Episode 10: Kelsey the Author
Episode 9: Turning the Tables
Episode 8: Summer Wish
Episode 7: The Other Side
Episode 6: Fort Williams
Episode 5: Sour Candy Trials
Episode 4: Kelsey the Elder
Episode 3: Return of the Honeysuckle Rangers
Episode 2: Jacob of the Creek
Episode 1: Memories of Bobby