Coyote Peterson: Brave the Wild (2020)


Genre: Documentary , Adventure , Reality-tv

Plot: YouTube personality and animal expert Coyote Peterson takes us on a wild adventure seeking out amazing up-close encounters with some of the most incredible and dangerous animals on the planet. With billions of video views and a massive global audience, he brings the animal kingdom to vivid life and isn't afraid to get dirty doing it. Read More



Episode 18: Phantom of the Outback
Episode 17: Dragons of the North
Episode 16: To Catch a Monitor
Episode 15: Arachnophobic Nightmares
Episode 14: Marsupial Madness
Episode 13: Urban Dragons
Episode 12: Night Of The Geckos
Episode 11: Constricted By A Colossal Python
Episode 10: Into the Anaconda's Den
Episode 9: Aliens Of The Outback
Episode 8: Night Of The River Monsters
Episode 7: Deadly Tide Pools
Episode 6: Sharks in the Shadows
Episode 5: Dinner with a Devil
Episode 4: Swarmed by Killer Bees
Episode 3: Shadow of the Jaguar
Episode 2: Realm of the Caiman
Episode 1: Legendary Turtle of Texas