Cosby (1996)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Cosby is an American situation comedy television series broadcast on CBS from September 16, 1996 to April 28, 2000, loosely based on the British sitcom One Foot in the Grave. The program stars Bill Cosby and Phylicia Rashād, who previously worked with Cosby in the 1984–1992 NBC sitcom The Cosby Show. Madeline Kahn portrayed their neighbor, Pauline, until her death in 1999. Read More



Episode 13: A Team of His Own
Episode 1: About My Life
Episode 25: Social Insecurity
Episode 24: Hilton's Playland
Episode 23: My Dinner with Methuselah
Episode 22: The Return of the Charlites
Episode 21: I'm OK, You're Hilton
Episode 20: That Darn Cat
Episode 19: Anniversary Waltz
Episode 18: Florida
Episode 16: Lucas Platonicus
Episode 14: Guess Whose President Is Coming to Dinner
Episode 13: Tempus Lucas
Episode 12: The Broken Reflection
Episode 11: Guard Almighty
Episode 10: Basketball Story
Episode 8: The Two Mr. Lucases
Episode 4: Happily Ever Hilton
Episode 3: Neighborhood Watch
Episode 2: It's My Party
Episode 1: Pilot