Cooper's Treasure (2017)


Genre: Documentary , Adventure

Plot: Considered one of NASA's original space pioneers, astronaut Gordon Cooper discovered something extraordinary on a 1963 mission. While circling Earth during a 122-hour flight to detect nuclear sites, Cooper photographed more than 100 anomalies around the South Caribbean. He later believed the dark patches that appeared on the photos to be sunken ships, and while working for decades in secret, Gordon created a map that he thought could uncover treasures worth billions of dollars. Before passing away, he shared his meticulous research with longtime friend Darrell Miklos, and now Miklos is teaming with seasoned explorers and researchers to finally make good on Gordon's dream. Read More



Episode 8: Striking Gold
Episode 7: Into the Storm
Episode 6: Island of Fortune
Episode 5: Dragon's Teeth
Episode 4: Treasure and Tragedy
Episode 3: Wreck in the Shallows
Episode 2: Hunt For The Gold Table
Episode 1: 500 Million Dollar List
Episode 6: The Columbus Treasure
Episode 5: Moving Target
Episode 4: Dangerous Waters
Episode 3: The Columbus Connection
Episode 2: Dead Silence
Episode 1: The Treasure Map From Space