Cool McCool (1966)


Genre: Animation , Action , Adventure , Comedy , Crime

Plot: Cool McCool was an animated series that ran on NBC from September 10, 1966 to August 30, 1969 with three segments per show, running to 60 segments in all. It was created by Bob Kane – most famous as the creator of Batman – and produced by Al Brodax for King Features. Read More



Episode 20: Big Top Cops
Episode 19: Owl on the Prowl
Episode 18: Bagging the Windbag
Episode 16: The Box Fox
Episode 15: Shrinking the Slinker
Episode 14: The Wood-Chopper
Episode 13: The Big Brainwash
Episode 12: Queen's Ransom
Episode 11: Here's Pie in Your Eye
Episode 10: Rocket Racket
Episode 9: Garden of Evil
Episode 8: The Vanishing Shoehorns
Episode 7: The Odd Boxes Caper
Episode 6: The House That Jack Built
Episode 5: Horsehide and Go Seek
Episode 4: If the Hat Fits...Watch It
Episode 3: Fine Feathered Fiends
Episode 2: The Phantom of the Opera House
Episode 1: The Big Blowout