Combat Ships (2017)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Combat Ships is a new 10-part series that shows how technology transformed naval warfare and tells the stories of the greatest maritime battles, escapes and disasters. From the deadly 18th century Ships of the Line, the primitive submarines of the American Civil War, the landing craft of the D-Day beaches, the fearless hospital ships of the First World War, to the might of nuclear warships - these vessels have shaped world history. Each episode includes powerful eye-witness accounts, interviews with veterans and maritime experts, reconstructions, intriguing technical data and fascinating historical detail. Read More



Episode 8: Amphibious Assaults
Episode 7: The Battle of Leyte Gulf
Episode 6: Galleons and Privateers
Episode 5: Secrets of the Sea
Episode 4: Destroyers and Cruisers
Episode 2: Stealth
Episode 1: Viking Longships
Episode 10: Secrets and Lies
Episode 9: Mighty Wooden Warships
Episode 8: The Smallest Ships of War
Episode 7: Rescue Ships
Episode 6: Cold War Warriors
Episode 5: Torpedo Boats at War
Episode 4: The First Metal Warships
Episode 3: The Vessels That Saved D-Day
Episode 2: Submarines War Beneath the Waves
Episode 1: Warships of the World Wars