Codename: Kids Next Door (2002)


Genre: Animation , Action , Adventure , Comedy , Family , Sci-fi

Plot: Codename: Kids Next Door follows the escapades of five eager, yet bumbling, ten-year-olds as they join forces against adulthood to fight for the right to enjoy all the fun things in life. These principled kids tackle the really important issues facing their peers, like the right to stay up late or to eat whatever they want. But when taking a stand is just not enough, this crew embarks on top secret missions on behalf of children everywhere, utilizing fantastic homemade technology like flying machines and catapults, to accomplish their goals. Like any good team, the agents in Codename: Kids Next Door each have their own distinct identities, skills and personalities. Numbuh One is Nigel Uno, the British-accented leader of the group. Hoagie P. Gilliam, a mechanical genius and expert pilot, is known as Numbuh Two. Diversionary tactics are the specialty of Kiki Sanban, also known as Numbuh Three. Brash and impulsive Numbuh Four (Wallabee Beatles) is a master of hand to hand combat. And Numbuh Five, alias Abigail "Abby" Lincoln, is the quiet one with the most common sense. Whether it's the possibility of getting shipped off to summer camp, battling the imposition of adult swim time at the local swimming pool, or clashing with adult enemies such as Gramma Stuffum, Knightbrace, Mr. Wink and Mr. Fibb, these kids have their work cut out for them. Read More



Episode 21: Operation: T.R.E.A.T.Y
Episode 20: Operation: M.O.O.N.
Episode 19: Operation: C.A.R.A.M.E.L.
Episode 18: Operation: G.I.R.L.F.R.I.E.N.D.
Episode 17: Operation: A.M.I.S.H.
Episode 16: Operation: S.C.I.E.N.C.E.
Episode 15: Operation: P.L.A.N.E.T.
Episode 14: Operation: D.O.G.H.O.U.S.E.
Episode 13: Operation: P.A.R.T.Y.
Episode 12: Operation: C.R.I.M.E.
Episode 11: Operation: T.R.I.C.Y.C.L.E.
Episode 10: Operation: S.I.X.
Episode 9: Operation: B.R.I.D.G.E.
Episode 8: Operation: M.E.S.S.A.G.E.
Episode 7: Operation: S.P.I.N.A.C.H.
Episode 6: Operation: W.H.I.T.E.H.O.U.S.E.
Episode 5: Operation: H.A.M.S.T.E.R.
Episode 4: Operation: R.E.C.E.S.S.
Episode 3: Operation: A.W.A.R.D.S.
Episode 2: Operation: E.N.G.L.A.N.D.
Episode 1: Operation: S.A.F.E.T.Y.
Episode 22: Operation: I.T.
Episode 21: Operation: H.O.M.E.
Episode 20: Operation: L.I.C.O.R.I.C.E.
Episode 19: Operation: M.I.S.S.I.O.N.
Episode 18: Operation: H.O.T.S.T.U.F.F.
Episode 17: Operation: S.P.A.N.K.E.N.S.T.I.N.E.
Episode 16: Operation: C.L.O.W.N.
Episode 15: Operation: D.A.D.D.Y.
Episode 14: Operation: R.E.C.R.U.I.T.
Episode 13: Operation: C.A.K.E.D. F.I.V.E.
Episode 12: Operation: H.O.L.I.D.A.Y.
Episode 11: Operation: C.A.N.Y.O.N.
Episode 10: Operation: O.U.T.B.R.E.A.K.
Episode 9: Operation: V.I.R.U.S.
Episode 8: Operation: N.A.U.G.H.T.Y
Episode 7: Operation: S.A.F.A.R.I.
Episode 6: Operation: B.R.E.A.K.U.P.
Episode 5: Operation: F.I.S.H.Y.
Episode 4: Operation: B.U.L.L.I.E.S.
Episode 3: Operation: D.I.A.P.E.R.
Episode 2: Operation: D.U.C.K.Y.
Episode 1: Operation: E.L.E.C.T.I.O.N.S.
Episode 22: Operation: F.E.R.A.L.
Episode 21: Operation: D.O.D.G.E.B.A.L.L.
Episode 20: Operation: C.O.U.C.H.
Episode 19: Operation: L.O.V.E.
Episode 18: Operation: M.A.U.R.I.C.E.
Episode 17: Operation: S.N.O.W.I.N.G.
Episode 16: Operation: C.L.O.S.E.T.
Episode 15: Operation: K.N.O.T.
Episode 14: Operation: M.U.N.C.H.I.E.S.
Episode 13: Operation: L.U.N.C.H.
Episode 12: Operation: M.A.T.A.D.O.R.
Episode 11: Operation: C.H.O.C.O.L.A.T.E.
Episode 10: Operation: S.A.T.U.R.N.
Episode 9: Operation: S.I.T.T.E.R.
Episode 8: Operation: C.A.K.E.D.-F.O.U.R.
Episode 7: Operation: P.O.O.L.
Episode 6: Operation: M.A.C.A.R.R.O.N.I.
Episode 5: Operation: N.U.G.G.E.T.
Episode 4: Operation: C.L.U.E.S.
Episode 3: Operation: F.O.O.D.F.I.T.E.
Episode 2: Operation: F.L.U.S.H.
Episode 1: Operation: R.A.B.B.I.T.
Episode 23: Operation: H.O.U.N.D.
Episode 22: Operation: S.P.R.O.U.T.
Episode 21: Operation: H.O.S.P.I.T.A.L.
Episode 20: Operation: P.R.E.S.I.D.E.N.T.
Episode 19: Operation: U.N.C.O.O.L.
Episode 18: Operation: T.R.I.C.K.Y
Episode 17: Operation: J.E.W.E.L.S.
Episode 16: Operation: H.U.G.S.
Episode 15: Operation: G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.S
Episode 14: Operation: L.O.C.K.D.O.W.N.
Episode 13: Operation: C.A.K.E.D.-T.H.R.E.E.
Episode 12: Operation: K.A.S.T.L.E.
Episode 11: Operation: P.I.N.K.E.Y.E.
Episode 10: Operation: S.L.U.M.B.E.R.
Episode 9: Operation: A.R.C.H.I.V.E.
Episode 8: Operation: T.R.A.I.N.I.N.G.
Episode 7: Operation: B.U.T.T.
Episode 6: Operation: F.O.U.N.T.A.I.N.
Episode 5: Operation: R.O.B.B.E.R.S.
Episode 4: Operation: U.T.O.P.I.A.
Episode 3: Operation: L.E.A.D.E.R.
Episode 2: Operation: A.F.L.O.A.T.
Episode 1: Operation: F.U.T.U.R.E.
Episode 25: Operation: E.N.D.
Episode 24: Operation: T.R.I.P.
Episode 23: Operation: D.O.G.F.I.G.H.T.
Episode 22: Operation: U.N.D.E.R.C.O.V.E.R.
Episode 21: Operation: B.E.A.C.H.
Episode 20: Operation: S.P.A.C.E.
Episode 19: Operation: C.A.K.E.D.-T.W.O.
Episode 18: Operation: B.R.I.E.F.
Episode 17: Operation: R.E.P.O.R.T.
Episode 16: Operation: C.O.L.L.E.G.E.
Episode 15: Operation: T.H.E.-S.H.O.G.U.N.
Episode 14: Operation: F.U.G.I.T.I.V.E.
Episode 13: Operation: G.H.O.S.T.
Episode 12: Operation: K.I.S.S.
Episode 11: Operation: F.L.A.V.O.R.
Episode 10: Operation: O.O.M.P.P.A.H.
Episode 9: Operation: S.H.A.V.E.
Episode 8: Operation: F.A.S.T.-F.O.O.D.
Episode 7: Operation: M.O.V.I.E.
Episode 6: Operation: T.A.P.I.O.C.A.
Episode 5: Operation: S.U.P.P.O.R.T.
Episode 4: Operation: D.A.T.E.
Episode 3: Operation: S.P.A.N.K.
Episode 2: Operation: P.O.P.
Episode 1: Operation: C.A.T.S.
Episode 26: Operation: G.R.O.W.-U.P.
Episode 25: Operation: R.A.I.N.B.O.W.S.
Episode 24: Operation: Q.U.I.E.T.
Episode 23: Operation: Z.O.O.
Episode 22: Operation: P.I.A.N.O.
Episode 21: Operation: C.H.A.D.
Episode 20: Operation: T.O.M.M.Y.
Episode 19: Operation: C.A.M.P.
Episode 18: Operation: C.A.B.L.E.-T.V.
Episode 17: Operation: P.O.I.N.T.
Episode 16: Operation: T.H.E.-F.L.Y.
Episode 15: Operation: L.I.Z.Z.I.E.
Episode 14: Operation: L.I.C.E.
Episode 13: Operation: A.R.C.T.I.C.
Episode 12: Operation: O.F.F.I.C.E.
Episode 11: Operation: M.I.N.I.G.O.L.F.
Episode 10: Operation: T.U.R.N.I.P.
Episode 9: Operation: C.O.W.G.I.R.L.
Episode 8: Operation: P.I.R.A.T.E.
Episode 7: Operation: T.E.E.T.H.
Episode 6: Operation: N.O.-P.O.W.U.H.
Episode 5: Operation: C.A.N.N.O.N.
Episode 4: Operation: I.-S.C.R.E.A.M.
Episode 3: No P in the OOL
Episode 2: Kenny and the Chimp: Diseasy Does It or Chimp N'Pox
Episode 1: Operation: C.A.K.E.D.