Coach (1989)


Plot: Hayden Fox is the head coach of the Minnesota State University football team, and he eats, sleeps and lives football. His girlfriend Christine, however, does not share his passion for the sport, which frequently causes friction in their relationship. While Hayden often fits the stereotype of dumb jock (as do his co-workers Luther and Dauber), he sincerely cares about his friends and family, and tries his best to make things work out. Read More



Episode 22: Diamonds Are a Dentist's Best Friend
Episode 21: A Father and Son Reunion
Episode 20: Hayden Fox for Universal Jocks
Episode 19: Hurley-Burleigh
Episode 18: 2 BRs, MTN VW
Episode 17: Leonard Kraleman: All-American
Episode 16: The Marion Kind (2)
Episode 15: The Marion Kind (1)
Episode 14: Puppy Love
Episode 13: Dauber Graduates
Episode 12: Christmas Brains
Episode 11: When Hayden Met Christine
Episode 10: Men Don't Heal
Episode 9: Cabin Fever
Episode 8: The Iceman Goeth
Episode 7: The Break-Up
Episode 6: Hayden and Luther's Excellent Adventure
Episode 4: Is This Your First Time on the Riverboat, Miss Watkins?
Episode 13: Dauber's Blow-Out
Episode 12: Hoot, Hoot Hike
Episode 11: Whose Team is It, Anyway?
Episode 10: Define Romance
Episode 9: I'm Sorry I Told You My Wife Was Dead
Episode 8: Parents' Weekend
Episode 7: 19 Candles
Episode 6: Gambling for Meat
Episode 5: The Loss Weekend
Episode 4: I'm in Love with a Boy Named Stuart
Episode 3: Kelly, Meet Christine
Episode 1: Pilot