Close Enough (2020)


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Sci-fi , Na

Plot: A stoner couple in their 20s deal with life situations in LA with their friends such as raising a daughter, fighting a loose possum in their apartment, and outrunning giant mutant spiders, all the regular things to worry about in early adulthood. Read More



Episode 1: TBA
Episode 15: The Canine Guy
Episode 14: Snailin' It
Episode 13: First Date
Episode 12: Clap Like This
Episode 11: So Long Boys
Episode 10: Golden Gamer
Episode 9: Robot Tutor
Episode 8: Cool Moms
Episode 7: Prank War
Episode 6: 100% No Stress Day
Episode 5: Skate Dad
Episode 4: Room Parents
Episode 3: Logan's Run'd
Episode 2: The Perfect House
Episode 1: Quilty Pleasures