Clifford the Big Red Dog (2000)


Genre: Animation , Short , Comedy , Family

Plot: Clifford the Big Red Dog is a fun show aimed towards younger audiences. Clifford, a 20 foot tall red dog, plays with his dog friends, Cleo and T-Bone, and has great adventures with them. Clifford's best friend, however, is Emily Elizabeth Howard, his owner. Emily has friends of her own and all the characters live peacefully on Birdwell Island. Each Clifford the Big Red Dog episode consists of two stories, linked by a "Speckle Story," a story read to Clifford by Emily Elizabeth about the adventures of a dog named Speckle. At the end of each episode is a "big idea" presented by Clifford, followed by a short promotional spot for one of the characters on Clifford. Please note that some online guides list two big ideas for each episode. The "big idea" listed in this guide will always be only the one that actually airs at the end of the episode itself. Also included is a short segment featuring a real kid with his/her dog. However, most, if not all, PBS stations no longer show this s Read More



Episode 25: Special T-Bone
Episode 24: Not Now, I'm Busy
Episode 23: When I Grow Up
Episode 22: A Job Well Read
Episode 21: Cleo Gets a Cone
Episode 20: Camping It Up
Episode 19: Doggie Detectives
Episode 18: Basketball Stories
Episode 17: Princess Cleo
Episode 16: Lucky Charm
Episode 15: Embarrassing Moments
Episode 14: Cleo's Valentine Surprise
Episode 13: Big Hearted T-Bone
Episode 12: Jetta's Sweater
Episode 11: Clifford Grows Up
Episode 10: Everyone Loves Clifford
Episode 9: Magic in the Air
Episode 8: He's Wonderful Mr. Bleakman
Episode 7: Stinky Friends
Episode 6: Jetta's Project
Episode 5: Nothing to Fur but Fur Itself
Episode 4: Hooray for Cleo
Episode 3: Fan Mail
Episode 2: A Friend in Need
Episode 1: That's Snow Lie
Episode 40: Follow the Leader
Episode 39: Clifford on Parade
Episode 38: Team Spirit
Episode 37: Fluffed Up Cleo
Episode 36: The Dog Park
Episode 35: Mac's Secret Dog Club
Episode 34: Stars in Your Eyes
Episode 33: Tough Enough
Episode 32: The Ears Have It
Episode 31: Clifford's Big Surprise
Episode 30: Islander of the Year
Episode 29: Teacher's Pet
Episode 28: Nobody's Perfect
Episode 27: Leaf of Absence
Episode 26: The Dog Who Cried Woof
Episode 25: Doing the Right Thing
Episode 24: Welcome to Birdwell Island
Episode 23: Little Clifford
Episode 22: Boo
Episode 21: Come Back, Mac
Episode 20: The Best Party Ever
Episode 19: To Catch a Bird
Episode 18: Limelight Fright
Episode 17: Circus Stars
Episode 16: Stormy Weather
Episode 15: A New Friend
Episode 14: An Itchy Patch
Episode 13: Clifford and the Beanstalk
Episode 12: False Friends
Episode 11: Cleo Comes to Town
Episode 10: Tummy Trouble
Episode 9: The Great Race
Episode 8: Clifford's Doggy Reunion
Episode 7: Clifford's Carnival
Episode 6: Home Is Where The Fun Is
Episode 5: And Birdy Makes Three
Episode 4: A Ferry Tale
Episode 3: Special Delivery
Episode 2: Cleo's Fair Share
Episode 1: My Best Friend