Citizen Khan (2012)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: The trials and tribulations of self-appointed Muslim community-leader Mr. Khan and his long-suffering family. Khan is a larger-than-life character, a small man with big dreams and strident opinions. Like many of us he's struggling to make ends meet, but he's proud of his thriftiness--witness his 1979 suit and ancient yellow Mercedes. Things would be so much easier if everyone just listened to him and followed his lead, but his obsessively house-proud wife and two feisty daughters have other ideas. Read More



Episode 6: Alia's Boyfriend
Episode 5: Mystic Mo
Episode 4: Chicken Shop
Episode 3: Local Hero
Episode 2: Family Photo
Episode 1: Farley Manor
Episode 6: The Wedding
Episode 5: Stags and Hens
Episode 4: Farmer Khan
Episode 3: Aunty Noor
Episode 2: The In-Laws
Episode 1: Naani's Return
Episode 6: The Makeover
Episode 5: Shazia's Gym Visit
Episode 4: Fasting
Episode 3: Amjad's Health Check
Episode 2: Naani's Day Out
Episode 1: Alia's College
Episode 6: The Khan's Anniversary
Episode 5: The Cricket Match
Episode 4: Amjad's Promotion
Episode 3: Family Holiday
Episode 2: Naani's Shopping Trip
Episode 1: Wedding Venue