Cities of the Underworld (2007)


Genre: Documentary , History

Plot: BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU WALK - HISTORY'S AFOOT! In major cities all around the world today, skyscrapers loom overhead, taxis honk their horns and street vendors peddle their wares. But below lays city upon city - each with its fascinating and unknown history. CITIES OF THE UNDERWORLD explores these layers, which are often hundreds of feet deep, to examine a city's ancient cisterns, dank dungeons, eerie tombs, clandestine hideouts, and even underground shipwrecks that have been lost for hundreds of years. How did (and do) engineers build layer upon layer up to today's city streets? CITIES OF THE UNDERWORLD reveals the technological marvels that allowed the construction of one city upon another - literally. Read More



Episode 13: Alcatraz Down Under: Sydney, Australia
Episode 12: Gods of War
Episode 11: Tomb of the Lost Mummies
Episode 10: Under the Rock
Episode 9: Secret Holy Land
Episode 8: Gladiators: Blood Sport
Episode 7: Land of Manson
Episode 6: Barbarian's Lair
Episode 5: Hitler's Trenches
Episode 4: Secret Sin City: Las Vegas, USA
Episode 3: Real Mafia Underground
Episode 2: Tunnels of Hell
Episode 1: City of Blood: London, England
Episode 13: Secret Soviet Bases
Episode 12: Katrina Underground
Episode 11: Stalin's Secret Lair
Episode 10: Washington D.C.: Seat of Power
Episode 9: New York: Secret Societies
Episode 8: Prophecies from Below
Episode 7: Mob Underground
Episode 6: Maya Underground
Episode 5: Hitler's Last Secret
Episode 4: Viking Underground
Episode 3: A-Bomb Underground
Episode 2: Vietnam
Episode 1: Underground Apocalypse
Episode 14: Rome: The Rise
Episode 13: Underground Bootleggers
Episode 12: Secret Pagan Underground
Episode 11: Dracula's Underground: Bucharest, Romania
Episode 10: Freemason Underground
Episode 9: Beneath Vesuvius
Episode 8: London's Lost Cities: London, England
Episode 7: New York
Episode 6: City of Caves: Budapest, Hungary
Episode 5: Catacombs of Death
Episode 4: Rome's Hidden Empire
Episode 3: Hitler's Underground Lair
Episode 2: Scotland's Sin City
Episode 1: Istanbul