Christina on the Coast (2019)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Christina transforms clients' outdated properties into high-end showplaces. Her personal journey after her split with husband Tarek is spotlighted. Cameras will follow her as she searches for the perfect new home while balancing parenthood, career and a new relationship. Read More

Next Episode 4x9 Date: Jul 29th



Episode 6: Modern Kitchen Meets Waterfront Dream
Episode 5: Midcentury Boho Home
Episode 4: Boho Industrial Bathroom
Episode 3: New Design in the Old Hood
Episode 2: A Marriage Of Styles
Episode 1: Heartfelt Hacienda Makeover
Episode 6: A Touch Of Indecision
Episode 5: Industrial Kitchen With Boho Flair
Episode 4: A Clash Of Style
Episode 3: Bold Kitchen For A Brit
Episode 2: Wellness Remodel
Episode 5: Out with an Original Bathroom
Episode 3: Counting Down to a Kitchen and a Baby
Episode 2: Pando Express
Episode 8: Wedding Special
Episode 7: Killer Kitchen for Mom
Episode 6: Getting a New Kitchen Before Baby Number Two
Episode 5: Sweet Master Suite
Episode 4: Tore Down From the Floor Down
Episode 3: A Colorful Kitchen Makeover
Episode 2: Master Suite Makeover
Episode 1: A New Kitchen for an Old Friend