China, IL (2008)


Genre: Animation , Comedy

Plot: China, IL – meaning "China, Illinois" – is an animated television series for the cable network Adult Swim. The series is created by Brad Neely, and features Neely's existing characters from the China, IL web series and special. Characters include Frank and Steve Smith, aka "The Professor Brothers," and Mark "Baby" Cakes. Neely provides the voice for all three characters. The series is produced by Williams Street and animated by Titmouse, Inc. China, IL has been renewed for a second season with the possibility of a new half-hour runtime. On May 25, 2008, Adult Swim ran The Funeral, an 11-minute special which was streamed on the now defunct Super Deluxe website. The special combined Brad Neely's Professor Brothers and Baby Cakes webseries, which were also streamed at Super Deluxe, and established a larger environment for the characters. The special, as well as Brad Neely's other videos, can be viewed at Neely's YouTube page. Read More



Episode 10: Magical Pet
Episode 9: Gummie World
Episode 8: Life Coaches
Episode 7: Displays of Manhood
Episode 6: Parent's Day
Episode 5: Bi-Topping-Ality
Episode 4: Crow College
Episode 3: Charlize
Episode 2: Best Face Forward
Episode 1: A Gentleman's Bet
Episode 10: Wild Hogs
Episode 9: Prank Week
Episode 8: Surfer God
Episode 7: Total Validation
Episode 6: China-man Begins
Episode 5: Kenny Winker Rules
Episode 4: Diamond Castle
Episode 3: Do You Know Who You Look Like?
Episode 2: Is College Worth It?
Episode 1: The Perfect Lecture
Episode 10: Dean's List
Episode 9: The Dream Reamer
Episode 8: Frankensteve
Episode 7: Chinese New Year
Episode 6: Prom Face/Off
Episode 5: Secret Society
Episode 4: Coming Out Of The Casket
Episode 3: Baby Boom
Episode 2: Dean Vs. Mayor
Episode 1: Rewind, Pause, Pay!