Chasing Classic Cars (2008)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Chasing Classic Cars follows Ferrari expert and master car restorer, Wayne Carini, as he takes viewers on his personal mission to uncover the world's most rare and exotic cars. Filmed entirely in high definition Chasing Classic Cars gives its audience a true insider's look at the elite club of car restorers and collectors as Wayne buys, restores and sells vintage rides, and the owners of the most exclusive and secret garages open up their doors only to Wayne. Read More



Episode 10: Eclectic Avenue
Episode 9: Let the Good Times Roll
Episode 8: Twist and Scout
Episode 7: 10 Million Dollar Fixer Upper
Episode 6: Shouldn't Be Selling It
Episode 5: 3 Million Mile Volvo
Episode 4: (AC) Ace in the Hole
Episode 3: No Replacement for Displacement
Episode 2: Wayne's Gotta Wait
Episode 1: One Car Wonder
Episode 4: Hurray for Jollywood!
Episode 3: XKE Marks the Spot
Episode 2: Wheels & Deals
Episode 1: Commander in Chief
Episode 6: Ford GT40 & A Flying Banana
Episode 5: Coupe!
Episode 4: 100 Year Old Harley
Episode 3: Chevy Surprise & Lucky Lamborghini
Episode 2: Racing Record Monza, Bucking Bronco, and Vincent Motos
Episode 1: Porsche 4Cam vs. Steve Jobs' BMW Z8
Episode 5: Ford GT40 vs. Ferrari Take Two
Episode 11: Just a Little Patience
Episode 10: Island Time!
Episode 9: Ultra Rare Rides!
Episode 8: Auburns Have More Fun!
Episode 7: Jersey Style!
Episode 6: Here Kitty, Kitty...
Episode 5: Million-Dollar Finds
Episode 4: Studebaker Time Machine!
Episode 3: Vegas Gold!
Episode 2: Need for Speed(ster)!
Episode 1: London or Bust!
Episode 13: Mama Mia!
Episode 8: Two Wheelin' It
Episode 26: The Power of Three
Episode 25: Getting Hot
Episode 24: Kiss a Few Frogs
Episode 23: Big Brass
Episode 22: Wayne Goes Skiing
Episode 21: Wayne Meets Triplets
Episode 20: Backyard Finds
Episode 19: Back to the Beach
Episode 18: Cannonball's Run
Episode 17: Invitation Only
Episode 16: Chance of a Lifetime
Episode 15: Red Hot and Rowdy
Episode 14: What Wayne Wants
Episode 13: A Mysterious Find
Episode 12: Overheating in Oregon
Episode 11: Wet, Wild & Willys!
Episode 10: Green is the New Black
Episode 9: Barn Find or Bust?
Episode 8: Chase, Buy, Repeat!
Episode 7: Where Are They Now?
Episode 6: 275 Ferrari
Episode 5: Utah Collection
Episode 4: Packards
Episode 3: Micro Cars
Episode 2: Hudson Hornet
Episode 1: Amelia Island