Charlie Jade (2005)


Genre: Drama , Fantasy , Mystery , Sci-fi

Plot: Charlie Jade is a science fiction television program filmed mainly in Cape Town, South Africa. It stars Jeffrey Pierce in the title role, as a detective from a parallel universe who finds himself trapped in our universe. This is a Canadian and South African co-production filmed in conjunction with CHUM Television and the South African Industrial Development Corporation. The special effects were produced by the Montreal-based company Cinegroupe led by Michel Lemire. The show started in 2004 and was aired on the Canadian Space Channel. It premiered on the Space Channel April 16, 2005 and aired in Eastern Europe, France, Italy, on SABC 3 in South Africa, on Fox Japan, and on AXN in Hong Kong. The show began airing in the United Kingdom in October 2007, on FX. The Sci Fi Channel in the United States premiered the show on June 6, 2008, but after 2 episodes on Friday prime-time, moved it to overnight Mon/Tue. Read More



Episode 20: Ouroboros
Episode 19: Flesh
Episode 18: Bedtime Story
Episode 17: Spin
Episode 16: The Shortening of the Way
Episode 15: Things Unseen
Episode 14: The Enemy Of My Enemy
Episode 13: Through A Mirror Darkly
Episode 12: Choosing Sides
Episode 11: Thicker Than Water
Episode 10: Identity
Episode 9: Betrayal
Episode 8: Devotion
Episode 7: Diamants
Episode 6: Dirty Laundry
Episode 5: And Not a Drop to Drink
Episode 4: The Power of Suggestion
Episode 3: You Are Here
Episode 2: Sand
Episode 1: The Big Bang