Chaos in Court (2020)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: CHAOS IN COURT examines clips of dramatic, unexpected, and cathartic courtroom moments. Each episode brings the backstories of the crimes and legal proceedings to the forefront with insightful analysis from a diverse panel of experts including judges, defense attorneys, prosecutors, and criminal psychologists. Featured within each episode are interviews with defendants, family members, and others who witnessed the action to help bring dramatic courtroom moments to life, and the emotional realities of what happens when the ultimate stakes are on trial. Read More



Episode 10: Terror in the Court
Episode 9: Hate Kills
Episode 8: Fit of Rage
Episode 7: Abuse of Power
Episode 6: Enough is Enough
Episode 5: Trial by Violence
Episode 4: Boiling Point
Episode 3: Sex, Lies and Crimes
Episode 2: If I Can't Have You
Episode 1: Predators Among Us